Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Dress

Hi, how is everyone all ready for school I hope.
As per usual I haven't put my photos in the correct order so you will have to scroll down to look at "THE DRESS".
In keeping with my vow to make a card with left over paper from LO's this is what you see below. And here is the LO. I am liking this paper line very much it's called Weathervane by October Afternoon.
Yesterday we went Ball dress shopping and can you believe that this was the first dress we saw when we entered the Galleria, although we didn't try it on or anything we just SAW it. After going to all the dress shops at the Galleria and only a little success it was time to go and as we were leaving I said to Caitlin lets go to Myers and look at that dress we saw when we walked in. So we did and here it is-looks gorgeous on Caitlin. If only we had tried it on first. Her make up is booked at Napoleon's (apparently the place to go) so we still have to get bag, shoes and work out how the hair will go (any suggestion on hair style) and work on a tan for that cleavage area.

I don't think that there is anything else surely there couldn't be, but I bet there will be. I forgot the nails and the half body suit that goes under(????) No surely that's all.

OK gotta get dinner on the go.
Have a good night everyone.
xx Linda

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And so it begins...

Farewell holidays now I must start the countdown until Easter! Only went in to work for a little bit today and then tomorrow, then it begins in earnest on Friday. Tomorrow I have to go Ball dress shopping with Caitlin it seems that all her group have already got their dresses and Caitlin is the last one. Now the expense begins.
Only one LO to share today and I copied this from Susan's blog with subtle differences of course! Just love the way it turned out. Although the owl did stretch me. I tried stamping the hearts in red and that bled everywhere then I tried painting it-not good- so then I finally used the good ol Utee and added collections eyes which i left natural. He looked alright in the end. Question 4 is out and its one that I will really have to think about "when I look into my eyes what do I see......?" You will have to wait for my answer coz I don't know. I will have to go and stare at myself in the mirror and wait for inspiration.
Just have to share this with you, you might get a laugh I certainly DIDN'T.
The other night when I had to pick Caitlin up late I just had to go to the little girls room before I left and there i was with my pants down minding my own business (only had to do no. 1's)when a mouse came out from under our cupboard and ran across my feet, I moved so quick and jerked my arm up so high that I thought I had given myself a heart attack. I tell you, never live across the road from a bush, if its not snakes its mice. Although I am glad it was a mouse not a snake coz I would have really had a heart attack. Anyway Andrew got the trap out and talk about dumb mouse it was caught in about 5 minutes, they really love peanut paste/butter. Well now that you know all about my ablutions I will leave you.
Have a good night.
Xx Linda

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two More

Ok yes this really is me 20 or so years ago. The idea came from The Technique Tuesday catalogue and uses their Bijou Borders stamp set. Other than that it is pretty simple. This afternoon I went to a class at TM's taught by the lovely Sonya and this was the result. I did struggle with remembering any of the little quirky things that Caitlin said,so ladies if your children are very young keep a journal of all these gorgeous things as you will forget them. I said at the time "I will never forget" ha-guess whose forgotten?
Well I hope that everyone has a wonderful long weekend and enjoy the fireworks if you are going to see them.
xx Linda

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nag Nag Nag

I know that I have already asked you all to go and look at but I am telling you that Jenn's post "P & V" is so well worth the look and you might also get a laugh when you see the Po (Teletubby) costume that Jenni made for her husband and her viking costume is wow.
I had a play last night with my texture paste and some Utee powder that Sonya was kind enough to give me and this was my finished product. PLEASE what ever you do DO NOT enlarge this photo as I look like a whale already.(Vicki DO NOT show this photo to your husband b/c no way did I look like this in High school) But hey what the heck apart from my size it is a nice photo of me and Joe together. We had such great fun playing for a good hour with Andrew as ball boy and photographer. The embossing on the chipboard looks like water droplets to me I think they turned out great. I tried stamping on to the texture paste but that didn't work so I had to use a stencil instead. I think I put too much paste on.
OK I am of to create some more, Caitlin is at another party so I have to stay up late to pick her up.
Goodnight all
xx Linda

Thursday, January 22, 2009


5I actually put these in the correct order-what a fluke. I am going to join Tracey from and do the 52Q challenge. Here are my three tags for the first 3 weeks. I have scanned them so the quality hasn't turned out as good as taking a photo. The first tag is actually green. I found these very easy to do and am going to love the fact that I can use any technique or style that takes my fancy. It is also going to be a great way to use scraps. Here are my answers and I am going to be 100per cent truthful so don't be shocked by some of the answers. Not that I know the questions, we find out each week.

What am I going to do with 52 tags you might ask? Well that's another question and seeing that I am only answering 52 I will let you know another time.
Jenni surprised me today with my cupcake apron which is gorgeous and I will take a photo to show you all and make you jealous.
I had better stop all this crafting for a whilst and go and do some boring things like wrap school books b/c the holidays are nearly over :(
Thanks for reading my blog
xx Linda

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please Look

I just have to let you know that my very good friend Jenni (Caitlin's godmother) has just started a blog. Alas Jen is not a scrapbooker (shame) but she is a seamstress and a great one at that. I have been nagging her to put photos of some of her fantastic costumes that she sews and she finally has here is her link so if you get a moment take a look. I am waiting for her to post her Fred Flinstone costume that she made for her husband. It is way cool.
xx Linda

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kit 3

Hi everyone
Just a quick one as its late and I am tired and ready for bed.
As promised this is my third kit that I purchased from the shop(its great sometimes when you don't have to think and its all there for you) although I did think about this one. It is meant to be a LO but as I couldn't seem to find any photos of Caitlin with "attitude" I thought that I would turn it into a frame. Alex (other girl in photo) has just had her birthday and I thought she might like this. I am very happy with the results as I think Tracey would be (it is one of her designs).
I went to a fabulous class last night and learnt some new stamping techniques and I got to play with texture paste which I have been sending Andrew out to Bunnings every week for the last 6 months to look for (without any luck I might add) Funnily enough I found it yesterday before the class so imagine my delight when I found out we were going to have a play with it. The LO is amazing and I will post it tomorrow along with everything else.
Well cant you tell I am tired as I am rambling on here. So now I am going to bed as the keys are going all blurry.
Goodnight my friends
Take Care

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tracey's-Me Myself & I

Here is my LO from Tracey's Me Myself & I class. I love this one, the colours are just me. These classes that Tracey does once a month on Monday nights have been so popular that you nearly have to book 2 months in advance. I cant make the night class but I am very lucky to get a kit. This Monday b/c I am on holidays I am going to the class can't wait. Yesterday I did a class and I will post my beach album tomorrow it is finished (I forgot to take a photo of it). This card is made from the left over papers. The kids don't think much of it- but it is for a man and I thought trees were in? When I say man I mean our age not some 16yo.
Anyway its done and I don't have another male card to give my brother. I think it's OK.
Joe's in hospital tomorrow having what we think is about his 23rd laser treatment. Andrew is taking him and they should be home about 3. It doesn't matter how old your kids are or how many times you have taken them into the operating theatre it's still pretty awful trying to be strong whilst they try to find a good vein to put the needle in. I actually think that Andrew has done this bit more than me. Normally Joe has laser during the school term followed by a week of school (which he loves). How rude that he got put on this months rota right in the school holidays. :)
Well that's it for me today, until tomorrow

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kit 2

When I was eight or nine I remember how bored I used to get on the Christmas holidays because they were so long. Well 30+ 5 years later I can tell you that is not the case today. I can't believe that the holidays are nearly over already, where has the time gone? I haven't washed my windows, cleaned the oven, gone through the kids drawers or any of those tedious things you only do on holidays because you don't have the time to do them when you are working. I have scrapped, rested, read lots of books, swam and caught up with friends alas it will have to end sometime.
As promised here is the second kit I got from the shop- One of Sonya's designs. We were in Narrogin when this photo was taken I think I am about 3 (still got those chubby little baby legs).
My mum is wearing her slippers-is that an English thing. She still wears slippers to this day never bare feet. The big flower was meant to be to the side of the page a bit but I wanted this to fit in an album so I had to fit it on the page.
I am going to a class tomorrow at the shop it feels like ages since I attended a class so I am really looking forward to it.
Stay cool everyone (for those of you not in Perth it was meant to be 40C today).
I am of to take Joe cricket training. It's going to be a bit hot for them.
Take care

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kit 1

Hi everyone.
I was at the shop on Monday and purchased 3 kits (I had to buy something). I was so pleased with this one that I have just finished that I couldn't wait for daylight to take a good photo of it
I just had to show it to you all NOW. That's my excuse why its a bit blurry and this doesn't really do it justice. I just love this photo of Caitlin & Brie going out to an 18th dressed as Bob the builder. Bries eyes are such a gorgeous blue I had never realised before. Anyway this LO has everything on it, beads, bling, hand sewing, lace and dimensional magic. It all came together really well. Thank you to whoever designed it at TM's.
I will post kit 2 that I have finished tomorrow.
Luv Linda

Monday, January 12, 2009

Everyday Things

Hello all and what a nice change in the weather we have had today. Thank you Tracey for my coffee at the shop and thank you Sonya for my little pack of goodies.
Tracey has inspired me (yet again) to scrap the everyday day things, things we do all the time and I am finding this type of scrapbooking very rewarding. So with this in mind here is my LO for today. Andrew of course hates these photos and says "you should have got more of the pool" maybe I should have but that was not really what the LO was about. It's all Basic Grey Granola paper and stickers and Craft Queen ric rac. Susan I enlarged this bit especially for you. Yes I got out my machine and sewed one line. I cant even say straight line b/c it wasn't.
The funny thing is after I told Andrew the name of this LO he said "that's it I am going for a swim" so of he went changed into his boardies and rashy as far as the first step and said "I have had enough of the sun today" and that was that. (he had just done the gardening in the hot 37C sun. :)
Well that's my lot for today I am going to spend all of tomorrow scrapping and doing some kits that I got from the shop today. Wonderful. My idea of bliss.
xx Linda

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Show & Tell

Hi how are you all. It's nice and hot here (did I mention that I hate summer) so this afternoon we are going to spend the afternoon by the pool. Just wanted to share with you a LO I did last night. Don't even ask what papers they are, can you remember when you first started scrapbooking and you went of to Kmart and bought a book of papers and other stuff that you thought you would use but have sat in your pile because they are YUK, well these papers come from this pile and theses ones aren't that bad. I have had them for years but I just cant throw them away-the rest are pretty bad, but I cant throw them away either. The ribbons are Craft Queen of course and the alpha and journalling tag are Making Memories. I also have to show you this pin cushion cup cake that one of my friends made me for Christmas.
Isn't it cute. Looks good enough to eat.

Well that's it for today I hope you all have a relaxing weekend.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, January 5, 2009


One of these days I will remember what order to download my pictures as I really should have the LO up first. I am trying to make a card using left overs from any LO's that I do as my card supply has dwindled lately and I need to make some more. So here is my card which uses more of my favourite Craft Queen ribbons. This LO I scraplifted AGAIN from the Craft Queen Gallery, not because I needed inspiration more because I loved the LO. That's me with very blonde hair and my brother and he looks like he is going to do something very naughty and my mum is holding him back.(she looks like she has had enough).

On this LO I got to use most of my favourite things Craft Queen Ribbon, my cuttlebug and Making Memories.
It's pretty hot here so I am going for a swim all the guests have left (see yesterdays post) so it will be OK for me to get in the pool.
Then I am going to scrap/fiddle some more
Take care everyone

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Perfect Sunday

Today we had one of those days that I daydreamed about having when I was younger. I am not making sense but its kind of like this- My dream when I was young was to get married and have kids and then have fun with my kids and their friends and so on and so on and I am so LUCKY because my dream comes true nearly every day. Caitlin had one of her best friends over today for a sleep over. After a sleep in we had a yummy cooked breakfast and then they lounged in the pool. Mean whilst Joe was having a friend over for a sleepover tonight. So all we could here was our children-teenagers- having fun using the pool or playing games. To finish of a perfect day Brie and Caitlin wanted to scrap some photos from their New Years Eve party. Brie's boyfriend Reece had come to have a swim and pick Brie up but he never got to have his swim as Reece spent a good 2-3 hours scrapbooking with us. So thank you Caitlin, Joe, Brie, Reece and Chris for making today a PERFECT Sunday.