Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tracey's-Me Myself & I

Here is my LO from Tracey's Me Myself & I class. I love this one, the colours are just me. These classes that Tracey does once a month on Monday nights have been so popular that you nearly have to book 2 months in advance. I cant make the night class but I am very lucky to get a kit. This Monday b/c I am on holidays I am going to the class can't wait. Yesterday I did a class and I will post my beach album tomorrow it is finished (I forgot to take a photo of it). This card is made from the left over papers. The kids don't think much of it- but it is for a man and I thought trees were in? When I say man I mean our age not some 16yo.
Anyway its done and I don't have another male card to give my brother. I think it's OK.
Joe's in hospital tomorrow having what we think is about his 23rd laser treatment. Andrew is taking him and they should be home about 3. It doesn't matter how old your kids are or how many times you have taken them into the operating theatre it's still pretty awful trying to be strong whilst they try to find a good vein to put the needle in. I actually think that Andrew has done this bit more than me. Normally Joe has laser during the school term followed by a week of school (which he loves). How rude that he got put on this months rota right in the school holidays. :)
Well that's it for me today, until tomorrow


suzitee said...

Can't wait to see your beach album ;)

All the best to Joe...watching your kids "go under" is not something you would ever want to get used to. Hope all goes well.

Enjoy your class tomorrow night!

Tracey said...

Your LO looks great and the card is great also.
All my best to Joe, I have had to see my Alex go under twice and I hate it each time.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. :-)

Kris said...

Hiya Linda, try here for the punch you were looking for..
See you soon
Love Kris

Vicki said...

Hope everything goes well for Joe, one of my boys has to go under soon and I am not looking forward to it!! It was great seeing you doing classes at the shop and catching up. See you soon..Vicki