Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's time to meet George

It has been a couple of weeks now since i first met George at my good friend Marys house. Oh he is so cute and so strong and very quiet. It was love at first sight.
I came home and asked Andrew if i could have a very early birthday present (May 30th) and get a George as i was going to call him George as well. No! he said.
So as we all do i kept mentioning it (nagging) and said that he doesn't make much mess and that i would gladly clean it up.
We had now gone from a NO to a "I'll think about it"
but on Saturday he said lets go and find a George
then there was no stopping me
so here he is
all dark and handsome and very stylish

Oh he makes the best coffee ever and so very quiet and hardly any mess.

There are over 16 types of coffee that you can get, it will be a hard life deciding on my favourite, they come in pods like this.

and the taste-yum and the froth is thick like marshmallow, oh i just love my George.
here's my very first try at a cafe style Latte.

mmmm mmmmmmm just look at the froth.
why is he called George? you might ask-well George Clooney does all of the ads for him on telly so alas we have our George.
I wish i could make you all one coz it really is impressive, if you are ever in my neck of the woods drop in and i will make you one.
off to work now
see ya

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Hybrid Album

Hi all
still waiting on one more photo of George before i can show you but in the meantime i thought i would show you this album i made in my digital class. I actually gave it to the girl the day after i had finished it and forgot to take photos so she kindly took some photos for me.

Now just to explain what i have done, the pages of the album were all printed on glossy photo paper, i chose the background colours and the photo is part of the page not something i have glued on after. The front and back of the book were printed onto cardstock then i added bling, ribbons and pearls and a little bit of pom poms. All of the paper items on the front were printed on the pc then cut out.
here it is.
I decorated the pages with stamps and ribbon and cut out the butterfly and popped it up a bit as you have to have that touchy feely thing going on.(well i do)
Isn't she beautiful she looked wonderful.
I left some journal spots so Aylish can do that in her own time.
Ok going now
my house is full of dust and the jack hammer has been going all day.

Monday, March 28, 2011

the photos-second time lucky

Caitlin's new hair cut

my first card that was too girly

my grungy card and i must say one of Andrews favourites
OK if you didn't visit yesterday then you need to go and read that post-that explains the photos. I had problems uploading my photos, hopefully these have worked.

and Tiff i can understand your acrylic stamp addiction, you just need to ask my crafting buddies Tracey and Susan and they can vouch for my stamp addiction oh and my gadget addiction, actually i have a few.

alrighty of course i forgot to take some photos of the bathrooms before they were demolished so i may just go and sneak a couple.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Brief

was to make a 21st card
which i did
and i even used one of my very favourite, special pins that i didn't really want to part with, but i was happy with the outcome
sorry poor photo.
then i find out that the brief had changed, the lady wanted a card that wasn't to girly as the 'girl' was the guitarist in a band.
hmm ..grunge is so not me
but i came up with this

and i must say am very happy with the way it turned out. I used one of my new stamp sets from Stampin Up.
so hopefully the lady will be happy with this one.

now caitlinn has had all of her hair chopped off so here she is on friday night with her bf Brie

(just thought you might like to see)
 i have been so busy crafting away that i haven't had time or to be honest the inclination to post anything, sorry i know thats rude as you all share your wonderful creations. I cant say that it will be any better for the next couple of weeks as our two bathrooms are getting completely gutted and revamped (note to self-must take photos) and we have a new house member that i will have to introduce you to as well his name is George, but that had better wait for tomorrows post.

i hope that you are all well and not working to hard.
edited to add that for some reason my photos have not loaded and yet they are there in the preview, please let me know if you can see them

Sunday, March 13, 2011

In A Week

Hi there, just thought i would share with you what has been keeping me busy this last week (apart from the normal work, and housework that is)

Yesterday we went to a wedding, and very nice it was too. Here is the card and the extra big envelope i made.
The papers, ribbon and ink are Stampin Up and that cute cute cute doily is cut out with a die from the new Papertrey Ink release. "yum yum yum i love this"

next up we have more from my hybrid class "Mouse paper Scissors" have i told you how much i am enjoying this online class? This is a lay out that is paper but most of the paper and elements were made in photoshop and printed out.

Sorry i normally crop all of my photos before i put them on my blog but hey i couldn't be bothered today, you get them as is. In our kit we were given the blue paper and the black background paper and the tissue paper the rest was printed on the PC.

Now if you remember after Christmas Susan, Tracey and I made a table runner (i made a mistake as i do on everything that i make be it paper or fabric-i think i will make mistakes on purpose now b/c it just wouldn't be mine if it was perfect, any way i digress) with my mistake i made these four mug mats.
See sometimes its worth making mistakes.
here's a close up as i am trying to perfect my stippling. (ha like that will ever happen)

Now the last thing to occupy me during the week and i might add that it only took me one night was another project from my hybrid class
oh i love this
we are meant to give it away
but can i part with it
i don't think so
have i kept you in suspense long enough
i will ramble some more
OK no i wont
here it is

A kind of envelope mini album. Once again we downloaded templates for the envelopes and cut them out of paper we had printed from the PC, so the actual items that we received in our kit were the hard plastic covers the pink crete paper and a vellum envelope.
Aren't the colours just divine?

OK that sure was a busy crafty week, here's to another one and i cant wait for my next online lesson.

On another note if you have friends or family in Japan my thoughts are with you.

Take care

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In The Summer Time

Last Saturday the weather was buuutiiiiiiiful, not to hot or humid and the sun was shining. So Andrew and i decided to go out to lunch. When the weather is this perfect we usually head down to the Iron Bark Brewery which is in the Swan Valley (5mins from our front door) and we  share this yummy platter. What could be more perfect. (and now that i have the new bute I phone 4 i took some snaps and boy did they come out great)
so here is our lunch-such a shame you all couldn't come and join us especially my bloggy friends in the US, you could spend all day here amongst the grapevines  listening to some great music, eating and drinking.
a very quick lay out made with Echo Park everything.

I have made my second gift bag to go with last months Labelcrew only two left now.

but boy oh boy i can see a whole lot made in christmas fabric.

Now if you follow Susan's blog and Tracey's you will know that we have started on a big project that will take us through to next year, its a quilt called A Family Gathering happily referred to by us as "the Caravan Quilt" because one of the blocks has a caravan on it.

here is my first block

you should go and check out the girls blocks as our colour/fabric choices are so different and it really is amazing how the same pattern looks so different (if you know what i mean)

I am lucky to have an extra day of today so a lot of craft has already been done and my postie just delivered my Papertray Ink stamps and dies that i have been waiting, waiting for so i am of to play some more.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings once again and welcome to all of my new followers, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment it makes me feel very special.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Still hot

Hi there
yesterday some parts of Perth had a very small tiny storm but oh what damage it caused leaving 50 000 homes without power and yes we were one of those. So from 3.30pm until about 7am the next day we sweltered as it was 39 degrees or 102.2F (i looked that up). No air con no lights no nothing, gosh i couldn't even see to do a bit of hand stitching.
and i so wanted to be on my PC as i am doing a Hybrid class at Jessica called Mouse Paper Scissors and it is so much fun. probably the best online class i have done and with the class we got an actual real paper kit
so here is the first thing that we have made.
and the inside

love it and so does Caitlin and of course she wants me to make her one and any of the teachers that she is paired with this year at Uni, they will make the most perfect gift.,
and here is one of two cards that i made for my friend to give her daughter (she chose the one with more butterfly's) but i didn't take a snap of it before i gave them to her.

and yes i have sewn on this card.
have to go now as i want to catch up on my class as i am now a day behind