Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is it too early?

Never having done Project Life before is it too early to show you my first/cover page?
Well i want to be up and ready for the first week so i have done my first page already
here it is
I got to play with a lot of stamps that i have never had out of their packaging before. I can see this is going to be a great way to use my Ali Edwards Technique Tuesday stamps that i have been accumulating over the past year. It's also going to be a good way to use all these little bits and pieces i have in my collection.
Funnily enough this page turned out quite bright and i would never have said that bright was my style..hmm.
Any way i am sure that each week will take on a different theme and look completely different.

So I am ready, my IPhone is ready it has Instagram and Diptic Apps waiting to go (love love love the Diptic app).

If i don't manage to post again before new years......have a wonderful safe and happy night and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chrstmas Decorations

I have had a lovely day today and have spent most of it in my craft room pottering around doing this and that and finishing a few projects. So i have a lot to share with you today.

The three of us caught up a week or so ago to make a Labelcrew project here are some photos
Tracey's is on top and as Susan was the hostess she didn't get much time to make hers (to busy decorating a yummy pav) so the three pennants are hers and the blurry one on the bottom is mine.
I worked some more on mine at home, changing the ribbon and adding some buttons.

Cute cute cute.

here is what i played around with today and Andrew has just told me that i have a "glittery moustache"
oh well you get that, it is Christmas after all.
and here is another project from my Mouse Paper Scissors Give class and i am not giving this away

OK its meant to be an interchangeable theme where you just add a different photo but i wanted Christmas so even my backing is Christmas, i can always change the photo every Christmas.
Now here is a close up of the flowers as guess what i made these all by myself, so happy, they turned out really well, you just need a tea light candle and some polyester type slinky material, so just ignore the singe marks where i got a little close to the flame.

I think i need to distress the star a bit but otherwise i love it.

and tonight i may just do some hand stitching and try and get up to date with some of the stitch a longs i am involved in.

thanks for visiting

Monday, December 19, 2011

Just in time

Hello there
it was my work luncheon today where i wanted to give my table toppers too my two wonderful co-workers.
Yesterday saw me frantically sewing on the binding for number two TT and making some cute tags.
So without further adieu
here they are
and here they are again with this cute tag

and here's a close up of the tag (my PTI dies and stamps came in so useful here)

As these were made to go on a table i made them with a great cheap wadding that makes washing easier. Of the two girls one uses a dryer and the other is appalled by this and prefers good old fashioned sunshine so i stipulated both on my little tag. I must say that i never hand wash any of my quilts and quite often throw them in the dryer, after all i do have this super sized washing machine. (ok maybe i am lazy-a little bit).

Here's a card identical to the one in my last post but in pink.
Now has everyone finished their Christmas shopping? I am nearly done and will finish it of on Wednesday.
The postie dropped of my Project Life so i am going to go and unwrap it now.
Enjoy your night.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yep it's official, i am finally on holidays (from paid work that is) yahoo
Thought you might like to know that one table topper is finished and the other one just has to be bound. another YAHOO. You have no idea how my crafting mood changed as soon as i got it into my head that i was going to make these as gifts. I love giving home made things as gifts but as soon as i said i need to make two before Christmas my brain went into some funny kind of state thinking ah i will do it later but then when i went to do something else my brain would be telling me you need to do this first so in the end i was doing nothing. DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE out there. So i have learnt a lesson, i will make extra things for myself when i feel like it and put them away in a pile so i will have some gifts on hand.

Okey dokey

Here's a card i made and i must say that i quite like it (even if i do say so myself)
Everything is Papertray Ink, i may just have to make another one in pink tones as its one of my friends favourite colour and her birthday is coming up.

Here's some more of my food journal

inside the cover i put this little pocket to keep receipts and business cards etc.
Here's my first page, i found this wonderful app for my IPhone called Diptic that makes little collages of your photos, i think most of my photos will be like this in the journal.

and another page. We literally fell upon this restaurant at Hillarys, the food was nice and the views were glorious but this is my food journal so no photos of the ocean.

The weekend will be spent putting the final touches to the table toppers ie) signing them on the back and making up two cute how to labels-how to wash me and "what i am"-just in case my friends don't exactly know.

Enjoy your Friday everyone, i will as i am out to Grilled for lunch on the first day of my holidays. More photos for my journal
oh and my Project Life is on its way, another YAHOOooooooooooooo

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tea Towels

I do love Sweetwater just as much as i love Fig Tree,  today's crafty interlude comes courtesy of Sweetwater. I purchased the kit for two tea towels and here is one of them. (I whipped it up today)
Oh just look at all of these ruffles

Love love love
and i didn't like the cover of my journal from last post so i changed it

much better i think. The doily is meant to represent a plate.  Caitlin is having a great time, although one of the guys she is travelling with had his wallet and I Phone stolen yesterday so with Caitlin's camera that was stolen on Saturday they are not having much luck.

i am loving looking at every ones December dailys
and that is what i am going to do now, when i get a cup of george.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two days in a row

Yep I;m on a roll.
I have had a Smash book for ages now and knew what i was going to do with it but hadn't done anything about it until last night that is. here is the front cover
As we seem to go out quite a bit now i am going to do a food journal, here is the inside page

how perfectamondo is that blackboard paper, just like being in a pub or something-ok not quite but i got excited when i found it in my stash
and here is a close up of the journalling

and guess what? as Caitlin is in Bali (more in next paragraph) and Joe has an evening shift Andrew and I are going out to dinner so i will be able to put something in my book straight away.

Caitlin phoned to say "having a ball mum, hotel is great BUT....last night my camera ($400.00) got stolen out of my handbag" ,
"where were you" i said
"at the Bounty"
well.....THOUGHT i if you visit such a den of inequity THATS what will happen.
and I'm still not stressing or thinking about it.

Last night while journeying around computer land i found a beautiful digital Christmas pack from Jessica Sprague, i only purchased the elements ($3) because it had this wonderful word art transparency on it.
I clipped it to some red razzle dazzle paper and printed it of. I planned to put it in one of the frames i had in my junk basket but i think daughter has nicked it so i will have to go and buy a frame.
Isn't it great
and i also made another couple of choccie bags

These are for little girls aren't they sweet.
Must rush Andrew just told me the time and one must go and get ready for dinner and make sure my trusty I Phone is ready to take some snaps.

Bye all

Friday, December 2, 2011


Yahoo its Friday afternoon and the weekend. I am making a concerted effort to show you all the things i do and post more frequently. So today i have two things to show you.

My PTI was delivered during the week and last night i was playing with some of the new stamps, so here is a card.
This uses the new Tag Its No 10 stamp set. Do you think it's alright for a boy card?
and next is a bit of re-purposing.
I needed somewhere to put my quilting pins and what better than a chocolate box that Caitlin was given.

I removed the chocolate -yes there was only one left, took of all the stickers and used the new PTI stamp set called Stitches & Swirls isn't it gorgeous. This set comes with heaps of stamps and i am thinking of stamping some onto some fabric to embroider. Well that's the plan it will get added to my never ending must make one day list.

Other news-Caitlin left for Bali yesterday with 6 or so of her workmates, she will be there for eight nights and i can honestly say that these will be the longest 8 days of my life.(trying not to think about it).
                 -there is a parcel waiting for me at the post office, i hope that its my Fig Tree quarterly project from The Fat Quarter Shop, i will pick it up before i get Joe from work
                  -booking our next trip to Penang on Monday (two weeks from the end of March 2012)
                  -haven't bought one Christmas present yet
                  -or written out my cards like i said i was going to do
                  -haven't done any more sewing on my table toppers,
                  -but have managed to stay on my diet for a whole week

Time to get Joe
have a great weekend.

Monday, November 28, 2011

About Time

Hi there and a thousand apologies my poor bloggo has been badly neglected over the last few weeks.
Here are some of the things i have been doing,
making jam, and how cute is this label,here's the top of the jar

making these oh so very cute gift boxes (and not a cricut in sight)

Here's the link and a great tutorial from Cosmo Cricket The boxes are quite big and will hold a lot of normal size cards and envy's.

Tracey has been busy making some more cards and of course i had to copy (and copy i did, this is exactly like hers-thanks Trace)...(have i no shame-na i love her cards)
and here's a cute fun card made with leftovers from something

and yes my table toppers are still a work in progress, this one is half quilted and i only have three weeks left to finish them

My to do list is BIG and i had better go and start writing out my Christmas cards or my international ones will never get there.
Have a great week.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cards Quilts and A Storey

Hi there
its a beautiful day today here in WA i hope your day is as nice as ours.
I have made a couple of cards this week, here's one
The idea came from the Papertrey Ink Gallery and uses PTI dies with Stampin Up ink and cardstock
here's another one

I was making some felt flowers (will show you another time) and had some left over felt on my desk so i used it on this card.
and leaving the very best till last

I love love love this one. Its a lift and the designers name is Julie and i forgot to write her link down, i will find it and add it later. The butterfly's are a Hero Arts digital stamp that i have printed and cut out.
On to other things
Now because i obviously have heaps of time on my hands and NO unfinished quilts in my basket (I LIE) or cards to make or LO's to do oh wait i haven't even mentioned cooking cleaning and ironing yet have i? Now this is the perfect time to start another quilt and join a stitch a long. (The link is in my side bar) Here are my first two blocks

I am trying needle-turn which is a different type of applique for those of you who don't sew. On My family gathering applique i am doing blanket stitch, just in case you are wondering and following my progress. Anyway for this quilt i am using more Fig Tree, this time its Buttercup. Love heart love my Fig Tree.

And now its on to the storey
I had no intention of wasting my precious time going to see the Queen. Na, no, not interested.
On the day of her arrival in Perth i had to go and pick Joe up from work and as his work place is on the route that the Queen would be driving down i thought i would go early to avoid the traffic. Which i did.
I had half an hour to wait for Joe and from the car i could see the road and hundreds of people lined up on the far side of the street. So i thought why not go for a stroll across the park and wait with all the masses, after all you will only be sitting in the car checking out Pinterest on your I Phone. So off i toddled.
When i got to the highway everyone and i mean hundreds of people were lined up on the opposite side of the road. This didn't appeal to me at all so i sat with two other losers  people and waited and waited and watched all of the police cars and motor bikes then finally the motorcade arrives and low and behold can you believe it the queen was sitting in the side of the car that was closest to us, so when i say the queen waved to me well she did b/c there was only three of us on this side of the road. All those poor people on the other side of the ladies with me was beyond happy and excited which probably rubbed of on me a teeny bit. So alas after all that i toddled back to the car and waited for Joe.
Enjoy your Sunday evening everyone

Saturday, October 15, 2011


the first attempt is....mmmm...not what you had in mind
so you try again, adding things, but it's still not right

still missing something, so you add some more

and finally you are happy with the result.

Have a nice day everyone.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A bit of Tracey love

I think that i have mentioned before that way back in 2009 my friend Tracey from "A Luscious" won the the award for the Australian Card maker of the year. Well Tracey has been on a roll lately designing some wonderful cards and of course i just had to copy/lift them.
So here's my take on Tracey's wonderful cards.
This uses a beautiful stamp called Mehndi medallion from PTI
and of course some tags

so simple and so stylish

This card uses the same stamp as before and also PTI's flower bloom builder die and tag no 1 die.
yes more tags

using the bloom builder die
and here's another card. last one
this one is quite a bit different from Tracey's, but that's the fun part of lifting you can work it around what supplies you have.
So thanks Tracey for the inspiration and all of the gorgeous cards you make.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Family Gathering catch up +++

Hi there
how are you all?
i thought it was time to show you my progress on my quilt that "the three of us" are doing, just in case you thought i had given up

here are four blocks
and here's a close up of the aeroplane block
i designed this one myself as i wasn't to keen on the block in the pattern, and my cricut was a great help, it cut out the plane, suitcases and clouds. I had intentions of drawing faces in the windows but they didn't come out very well so i will have to wash them off.

my latest block "dads shed" if i remember correctly

and here they are all together so far, yes there is a place for one more block and then after that we have another whole row to add to the bottom, so about 4 or 5 blocks to go.

On Friday the "three of us" caught up for our monthly craft night and although we used some label crew labels this was not a Sweetwater pattern

the first apron i have ever made
and here's how i used a spare label

here's the link to Tracey's blog where you can see all three aprons. Susan made her apron a while ago-just to make sure that it wasn't too hard for Tracey and me, as you may have gathered Susan is our own personal guru at anything that involves sewing machine and thread, i tell you its great to have such fantastic ladies as friends.
OK enough of the mush
i just have to leave you with this cute, cute oh so cute angel i made with my PTI delivery the other day. I bought the dies especially to make her and used 4 layers of cereal boxes glued together 
oh it's just love love love
so so so easy, perfect for gifts and i can think of a 101 ways to use her OK maybe not 101 but at least five starting with a brooch for us to wear at work.

phew did you make it here to the end
one more week of holidays left so i will have to do as much craft as i can
enjoy your week ahead everyone
thanks for stopping by