Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hi everyone,
Just a quick note to let you know that i wont be around for a little while. If you follow my previous posts you will know why.
We are all doing okay.
Take care and look after yourselves

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yes I am Still Here

Hello yes i am still here. It has been a very busy time. My mum turned 80 last Sunday and my dad turns 80 tomorrow. Yes he has made it. We tried to organise a small family part for them but it didn't work out as dad was not up to it. I have been going there everyday helping out and just spending time with them both. So although you will never read this Happy Birthday Mum and Dad.
The whole going back to school/work thing has worn me out as well, boy, two weeks off and my body didn't know what hit it when i went back to work. So craft just had to go on the back burner which doesn't normally happen here.
I have still been on the computer though and following you all.
I am so far behind in my 52Q's that i did four over the week. I so love doing these as i can honestly say that i get to use scraps and it feels good to use them and not waste them.
By now you will all know that i am addicted to acrylic stamps so when i was in my local craft shop and saw these, only A$4.40 who could resist them and if you know me really well you would know that the one with the teacups on i probably would have bought them at double the price. (just love anything to do with cups and China) I should show you my China collection one day, especially my collection of espresso cups.
Last but not least here are two cards, actually they are a bit strange and i am not sure why i made them let alone why i am showing you. Maybe just to let you know that i have been doing a bit but nothing worth showing. ARRR the more i look at these I'm thinking they will have to go in my scrap box.

I have been crocheting more dishcloths and am just about dish clothed out and i have slowly been doing some stitching on my coffee table quilt.
You must go and check out this gorgeous quilt that Rumi has made and very quickly i might add it puts me to shame.
Well that's it from me, thanks to everyone that has sent messages and emails as to my where abouts. It's nice to be missed :)
Have a good week, i hope that you all get and give lots of hugs.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Challenge to myself and LO'S

Hi Everyone, hope that you all had a good weekend. We have had a busy Saturday followed by a very relaxing Sunday. "NOICE"
In keeping with my last post I have finished my LO that was inspired by Traceys
daughter Alex and scrapping the everyday things. This LO is very loud and colourful for me but i couldn't go past this cute American Crafts paper. This LO below is for the monthly challenge at TM's this month was a bit different as we were given a sketch courtesy of Kaisercraft to do with as we wish. This is my interpretation. A fun photo of my brother and his family.

Now here is the personal challenge bit. I made these Debbie Mumm wall hangings quite a few years ago and they are my favourites. I did have them hanging in our old house (only with blu tack--shhh) and am yet to put them up here. As we have been here for nearly four years i think that its time for me to get them on display (I did try blu tack ---shhhhh again) but they fell of the wall so i guess that i will have to make some hanging sleeves for them and do it PROPERLY. So the challenge to myself is to do this before the end of the holidays. :)

Now I am of to finish dinner as DH and DD, (DS away again) have asked for their ultimate favourite dinner. Roast chicken with homemade stuffing and home made chips. We don't have the chips very often as they are not that good for you and i find that it takes ages to peel,slice and cook them. If you haven't made your own stuffing you should its very easy, tastes much better than any shop bought one and you use up stale left over bread. I always make a big batch and then freeze it in portions.
One last note before I go Kylie from Threads of Friendship
has got a really gorgeous giveaway so go check it out and leave a comment.
That's it from me
Have a good week

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi there, i hope that you are having a good week and that if you live in WA then a good school break. Just wanted to share a few things....
Here is a LO that i did the other day after getting inspiration from two different sources. The first was from Tracey
who always encourages us to scrap the everyday things, one of Tracey's last posts was about her daughter and her music and the SHUT bedroom door. This so hit a chord with me as it happens in my house all the time so i will have to do a LO about my kids and their shut doors. Anyway i am digressing (how unusual) this LO is about Caitlin's love of perfume and as it was her birthday last month and she was lucky enough to get lots of perfume i just had to do a LO. The second inspiration came from an article in the current issue of Scrapbooking Memories magazine. I used my LO paper as the background for my perfume photo. I think that it all blends in quite nicely, and of course the Craft Queen ribbons.
Yesterday i hosted a " real blog" lunch where i got to talk craft and eat yummy things with Jenni, and Susan and Janelle thank you all for coming i had a lovely day and we got to eat these yummy waffles and some fantastic cupcakes that Bec made. (I think that Susan will be putting a picture of them on her blog)

I also made the ladies some dishcloths to take home and try. It's something that you either like or don't (my DH hates them) I love them and i just have to share this with you- I took my crocheting to my 83 yo M-I-Laws the other day and she asked what i was making. Dishcloths i replied. "ARE WE AT WAR" was her reply. See all things come and go, although back then like quilts they were made as a necessity out of scraps.
On another note Jennifer Mcguire is doing some fabulous tutorials for Two Peas called Thinking Inking the links are up on her blog it goes for 6 or 9 weeks with 3 tutorials per week. You can download a pdf in case you forget the techniques.. This week is crackle paints (which is appropriate for me as i used these very paints at a class last night at Tomorrow's Memories).
OK-whew that was long, i have so many projects waiting for me at the moment and i seem to have a lot of mojo so enough from me i am going to go and craft.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Third Time Lucky

Hi everyone, sorry have been very busy and tired last week so my poor craft and blog suffered.
Today i mixed up a batch of dough ready for the week ahead. All i have to do now is grab a chunk from the fridge when we want fresh bread and hey presto you've got bread. The hardest part is letting it cool down as the book says "it will keep better if left until it's completely cold" ha-we don't have any left overs anyway. I have been busy crocheting more dishcloths during the week as its easy just to plonk myself in front of the TV and work away (very mindless). The only other craft i have done is make two cards and here they are. Andrew (DH) says the one on the right is dull and needs a bit of colour,stitching would have been nice i think, but like my sewing, tuff, they'll do.
For three weeks in a row mum and dad have been trying to get over to my house but dad has always been to ill to venture out but TODAY they came. I cant believe how excited i was to have them here. They have been house bound for about the last 6 weeks and i know that mum really needed to get out and have a change of scenery. So here is my dad sitting in his favourite chair we even got him to eat something which was good. At the end it was mum that suggested they go dad was quite comfy where he was. I am so happy that he made this huge effort to get out it was good for the both of them.

On a completely different note if someone said to you that they wanted HOT DOGS for dinner would you think that meant red franks in a bun or BBQ sausages in a bun? When going down the isles in Woolies to find red sausages Andrew (DH) informed me that he wants BBQ sausages I said "that's a sausage sizzle" no it's not he said. I then said that i would put it on my blog and see what everyone else thinks and i bet you can all imagine his response to that. But anyway i just had to do it so let me know what your definition of a hot dog is. (Gee its really exciting reading my blog isn't it?)
Well that's it for tonight i am cooking roast duck (yuk) for Andrew and Caitlin and Joe and I are having chicken cacciatore.
Have a good week ahead everyone.