Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meeting Amy

Well hello
Happy Sunday to you all and happy NSD or interNSD if you are a scrapbooker.

If you follow my Instagram you will know that Traceyand I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Tan on Tuesday and I may or may not have got a little bit excited. Okay, no, little bit, very excited. Amy and Shimelle are my scrapping inspiration. (Who are yours?) so there was no way I was going to miss this event. I was like a fourteen year old meeting Justin Beiber without the screaming.
So here is my LO

Amy was wonderful and so down to earth, having her photo taken a gazillion times was no trouble. There was also a make and take but as their was only three of us in the second group (yahoo for us)we got to sit up close and personal with Amy where we could chat so I didn't do much making and taking. Geez I sound like a stalker.

I was embarrassed/angry/appalled that Spotlight had a famous (hugely famous in America) artist visiting their store and there we sat IN THE AISLE in the aisle, I kid you not. What happened to a nice little room or even a corner decorated with Amy Tangerine merchandise and don't get me started on the merchandise I was ready to buy the whole entire line of Yes Please which has been out for months and na nothing, zip, nilch, zero not here yet.
No worries I will wait until it comes here.

So there we have it, Amy made my routine week into a very happy excited over the top week and in case you haven't guessed it I am still EXCITED.

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