Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sports Carnival

Hi all
Just a double LO to share with you today of Caitlin's very last sports carnival at school and judging by the photos they had a ball.

Isn't the paper just gorgeous and yes it is my favourite Basic Grey and it's called Indian Summer.

There is something funny going on with my PC at this very minute, double spacing and the photo came out small...hmmm. Me thinks one of the children has been playing around.

My SIL's album cover is ripped of and now in the bin, what a terrible waste of some beautiful paper. Never mind I will get over it and start anew.

The binding is on my coffee table quilt, all i have to do now is hand sew it to the back although some lovely goodies arrived with the mailman today so maybe i wont start my hand sewing just yet.

Have a good night everyone



Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beignet/Donut Anyone?

You know when you read a recipe or make a pattern or a LO and you have an image in your mind of what it should look like or taste like and then in reality it turns out completely different, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.
This is my experience with the following two photos.
These Beignets where in my Artisan Cookbook. As with all the recipes in this book they were really easy to make. The recipe said to cut the dough into pieces-no i thought! I would like mine in balls-BAD mistake. See the ones in the back they look yummy but there is runny dough in the middle, so i then flattened all of my balls and they puffed up like the ones in the front. Now these were perfet and cooked all of the way through. I used the Brioche dough and maybe because i was expecting them to turn out like donut king donuts, they didn't quite taste the same, nice, but not what imagined. This is an expensive dough to make luckily you can freeze the remaining dough which i will be doing,. Following yesterdays post here is my big plea for HELP. This cover looks like something a fourth grader has done. I am having trouble in the middle and have already removed stuff hence if you look closely you can see the torn paper that i have tried to cover up with the frame-which doesn't go. Should i start all over again? What should i do?
We have had a beautiful day here in Perth today. Joe went to the Royal Show with his friends, Andrew spent the day in the garden and i was a Taxi . We gave the BBQ a big scrub and clean and its ready for tonight's dinner. Andrew is out there now cooking our first Barbie for the season-yum-so i will go and W A T C H. hee hee
Its a long weekend here so another sleep in tomorrow
Hope you are all well

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that

Hi there
I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend. Do i have an excuse for not posting anything this past week...mmm...not really ..I have just been tired and haven't done much craft this week oh and i mustn't forget that everyday i have tried to start my low fat diet and so far have really only lasted one day, ho hum...
I have finished hand quilting my table cloth and am in the process of sewing on the 60 or so yo yo's. Yesterday i went to my craft shop (I always seem to go on Fridays) and couldn't pass up this gorgeous Halloween paper from Creative Imaginations. Although we don't celebrate Halloween here i thought that it would make some wild boy cards- i always get stuck when it comes to boys cards. I think they turned out great and they were really easy.
I have been kinda doing crafty things. I am in the process of making my SIL a mini album of her 50Th birthday-i wont tell you that her 51st is in 4 weeks time. I have done a couple of pages that i am happy with and here is one, however tomorrow i will show you the cover, which is giving me a few more grey hairs. I have used a prima paper that i love it has stitching on it and then i have added and taken off and added etc all different embellishments and nothing looks right. Anyway i will get your help tomorrow. It really has put me of scrapping this album.

You all need to go here and enter in to the giveaway. What ever type of craft you do you can use some of this goodness, and its open to everyone worldwide.
Now if anyone has a cricut-are you going to buy the Gypsy? I am seriously thinking about it but it is quite expensive.
We are on holidays here in Perth, and this fortnight in between being a taxi for my kids and mother in law and making sure my mum is OK i plan to
1. finish of my tablecloth
2. put those rod pockets on (previous post)
3. try out some more recipes from the Artisan bread book......donuts..yeah that will help my low fat diet.
4. make more cordial
5. finish SIL's album-OK if i get inspired
6. make an amigurumi pear from here
That's it realistically but i could go on and on
I have had lots of visits from all over the world lately thanks to Tammy who left a link to one of my posts on the down to earth forum (the link is in my blog list) You should go and pay it a visit, you can learn heaps from cooking,craft,gardening,saving money lots of things.
Again i have blabbed on, so have a good Saturday night and i will prattle on more tomorrow
xx Linda

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Outback Australia

Hi just thought that I would share some photos from Joe's trek.
This is how they spent the nights. You gotta love that red dirt. For those of you who have never been to the outback this is what it is like, mile and miles of red dirt and little bushes.
And what is typical of the outback at night-beautiful sunsets.

Here is my latest attempt from my Artisan bread in 5mins book, a yummy spinach and feta loaf. It is delicious.

I wont start my countdown again but just to let you know we have two weeks of school left until term break. That's 10,ten,deci (don't know any other languages) days of work left.
Caitlin has a total of four weeks of high school left, it seems like yesterday she was starting kindergarten.
That's me done, have a good week everyone.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Lucky me, I had a day of yesterday and after i had finished all of the boring household chores the day was filled with craft.
I finished the stitching on my coffee table quilt and then got it ready for quilting. Hand quilting my FAVOURITE. I just love it and i love how the quilting makes the applique pop out. Anyway this might look a bit plain now but i also have about 60 yoyo's to sew on which will be part of my quilting. Can you believe that this has taken me nearly two years, just to do that. "Shameful". As i was in a finishing of mode i finally finished these "Collections Art Boxes" that was a kit that i purchased from TM's.
Designed by Maxine Hazebroek & Audrey Underwood. Now i just have to find somewhere to put it..hmmm
That's it from me, I am off to do some quilting and i think that we just might have take away tonight.
Have a good night everyone
Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer Pudding

It's fathers day here in Aus, so it was Andrew's choice for lunch and he wanted his favourite "Summer Pudding".
This is my version. If you want a dessert that has WOW then this is it and it's really easy.

All you need is:-
A plain sponge cake (I bought mine)
Some berries (i used a packet of frozen mixed berries)
Icing sugar Line a bowl with plastic wrap. Then cut your sponge in half then into triangles to line the bowl.
Whip some cream, mix in the berries you might need to sweeten it with a little sugar and if there is any juice from your berries pour it over the sponge. Then fill your bowl with the cream and berries. Make a lid with the left over sponge then cover it with plastic wrap put a plate/saucer on the top and weigh it down with something heavy ie a can of baked beans, put in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.

Turn onto a plate and dust with icing sugar. TA Da there you go. You could even put more berries on the top to decorate if you wish.

Now i must confess this is not my favourite as i don't like eating things that are mushy ie my weetbix have to be crunchy, my cornflakes have to be crunchy, my toast has to be cold and hard, i dont eat trifle as the sponge is all mushy I sound fussy but i assure you i am not these are just my little quirks.
Now everytime i serve this I really do get the wow factor, so keep it in the back of your minds for quick and easy although if i am coming for dinner don't make it for me.
I hope that you all had a wonderful day with your families and husbands/partners. My DH had a wonderful day (he told me so) and hopefully we made it special for my mum as well.
To my dad- I know that you are somewhere and we were all thinking of you.
Have a good week everyone