Monday, July 26, 2010

A LO, A Card & More

Yes this is my recipe book i have had it for about 20 years and its a bit hard to find all of my favourite recipes and when i see something i think that i might like to try well it gets printed and then stuck in here. Not very organised. So what does one do... this... all in their little own plastic pages, sweets at the front and savoury at the back. I got an expandable folder so that i can add more sleeves when it gets full which is just as well because i had to put in another packet of sleeves before i had finished putting in my recipes.
Here's a photo taken on the weekend just to show you the half new me, by half i mean i am half way there now 38.2 kg's these last 10 have been very hard. Oh and that's Andrew (DH) just in case you haven't met him. (he's is moaning as he says his head looks square in this photo-it isn't in real life)

Here's a card that i copied from here
really good as you use left over ribbon bits.

and here is a LO, a different one from the style i usually do. I thought that i would give my cricut a little workout sorry cant even remember what carts i used

Haven't been feeling very crafty lately although i am still working on my granny stripe blanket.
Joe and i are going to go halves in a SLR camera, we are currently looking at a Canon EO500, does anyone have any advice, comments or suggestions for me before we go spend our money.
Our trip to Penang is booked and paid for so all we have to do now is wait until Nov 26th oh its ages away.
Lucky me i had the day of work today as Joe had another Laser treatment on his birthmark and this was the first time in his 16 years that he didn't have to have a General Anaesthetic, yep straight into outpatients, no fasting and early morning appointments we were there and back within an hour and a half. Although he did say that it hurt as he was awake for the whole thing and this was the first time in 16 years that i actually got to see what they do, i had to put some funky glasses on and watched.
Ok babbled on enough for today have a great week everyone.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bags,Baking and Cards

Happy Saturday everyone. As usual in the school holidays my friend Pina and I spend one day baking biscuits and here are some of the delights we baked. There were still about another 4 trays waiting to go in the oven when this photo was taken. Unfortunately for me they are all delicious and not a diet friendly food. Now isn't this card cute? Made with a little help from my friend the cricut.
and another blogger friend made me this gorgeous, gorgeous bag. Janelle will soon be starting her own etsy shop so if you want one you will be able to order very soon. When Caitlin saw this she immediately suggested that maybe she should look after it. Oh no its mine. Janelle can make them in quite a few colours so we/i could get one for every occasion. Caitlin would like a dress made with the rose fabric as a ruffle down the bottom, oh what a shame i am not a dress maker....

Have just finished a LO that is a bit unusual for me, i will post it tomorrow, that is after we get back from our lunch outing at my mums local Italian restaurant, its her birthday and getting very near to a year of my dads passing can you believe how quickly that has gone? So it will be a very family orientated couple of weeks as it will/would have been my dads birthday next week as well.
have a good day/night everyone.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

cards and crochet

How are you all?
Fine i hope
Here is my entry for Emma's Throwback Thursday Challenge we had to use the Zoobaloo cart and make anything that we wanted with an animal, i don't have this cart so i chose this cute dog from Everyday paper dolls and used my Gypsy to make a card. Below i have just used some scraps to make a tag and at night sometimes i just feel like colouring-in so i thought that i would make a card out of some of my coloured flowers. I have used my copics for these flowers and the stamp is Stampin up (so is the cupcake in the tag)
oooooooooooooooo look at my granny stripe blanket it is growing and i still love the colours i have chosen (sometimes i get half way and think :i dont like the colour) anyway not this time. I am about a third of the way i think and in these cold nights its nice to sit and crochet.

I have a duck roasting in the oven (yuk not for me and Joe) but for Caitlin and Andrew, the smell has gone throughout the house ugh, now i have to think of something for Joe and I. mmmmmmmmmm something yummy and fattening is called for.
Have a great week everyone, we have another week of school holidays here so i am getting in lots of sleep-ins.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Hi all, how are you. Today's post is a bit random so please bear/bare with me.

Now they say "that it's all in the packaging" so-
Aren't these tags just gorgeous. I have used a new stamp set and matching die from Papertrey Ink. (sorry bad photo). Paper is Basics from Basic Grey. I love this so much i think i will spend this arvo making a whole ton of them. There is a lot of words in the stamp set ie- hand sewn, preserves,veges, handmade etc. Cant wait to wrap gifts with these tags. Now the hand knitted tag i am going to attach to this bag (don't know if i like it or not) but i made it for one of the ladies i work with. At lunch times "I" (ha ha ha me who learnt to crochet of You Tube)have been teaching Michelle how to crochet, so i made her this cute little bag to put her crochet in. The yarn may look cute but i am NEVER knitting in this again. The handles i took from an old handbag that i have never used. (how's that for recycling)
Finally i have felt inspired to do a LO and a double one at that. Again all of the papers and embellishments have come from my monthly kit club that i get from Cocoa Daisy.
Last Friday was the end of our school term and Joe had his Year 11 Dinner/Dance so I scrapped that.

Now for some exercise...please tilt your head to the left so that you can see the next two photos.
I don't know why they posted like this when they were the right way up in my photo folder. I have tried to delete them from this post and that didn't work so..tilt away.
Here are two cards i made using Stampin Up everything.
A friend of a friend gave me a yummy mix of coffee beans to use in my cappuccino machine so i thought it only fitting that i make her a card with some kind of cup on it to say thanks. This stamp set is very versatile, it comes with a blob of icing, a handle, a mug/cupcake so you can decide on what to make.

How i wish this posted the right way as in real life it really is a beautiful card. Joe was "asked" to ask his mum (me) if i could make a thank you card on behalf of all of the year 11's for the lady who organised the dinner/dance. Oh the pressure, it's OK when you are making for yourself to give out but when this was on behalf of about 200 students..well...i went straight to the SU book and looked for ideas so this was inspired by a card i saw there. It really does look much better the right way round :)

Sorry again about the poor photos in this post. I am off to -
1. get warm
2. make some more tags
3. play around with a mini album for Caitlin's 18th
4. get warm
5. try and organise my cookbook into something better than what it is-i have one of those ideas
in my mind
6. get warm
7. and stay out of the kitchen which is really hard when you are on holidays and its cold.
Have fun