Monday, March 26, 2012

Afternoon Tea Anyone

Last week at TAFE Joe made mini Sticky Date Puddings and I thought I would share them with you.

Mmmm they were yum especially with a George coffee pod.
Wish you could have tried them.
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A quick hi

Hi there
Just popping in to share a card, and the inspiration came from Tracey

Sorry another poor photo, in my rush to make and give this card I forgot to photo it so after I gave it to a teacher at work I said "do you mind if I take a quick photo?" talk about rushed.

Another digital SLR is in da house

Yep Joe treated himself to a Canon and he is taking his to Penang (Which is only 6 sleeps away). I will just take my iPhone and point and shoot.

Have a happy Sunday everyone.
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

More mini

Hi there
Just popping in to show you the last of the mini pages.

My favourite

Another one

This was an envelope from my stash and I have cropped four photos to fit inside. Oops made a boo boo here I'm a year ahead of myself. Luckily Caitlin picked it up.

Sorry about the camera flash (my photography course doesn't start until April ) here I have made a wide pocket and added another 4 photos with tab tops.

Here's a mini within a mini, a little book stuck down with another four photos.

This one is a little fun, I used my fringe scissors.

Oh look there's Caitlin on the left, it's hard when I don't know the people in the photos, as I said I have left all of the journaling to Caitlin and her friends to write before they give it to the birthday girl.

I had to show you this one even with the bad flash, I am happy with the way it turned out.
And here's the last one

Caitlin and the birthday girl. So yay it's all finished and being presented to Katrina as I type. Now I can concentrate on week 10 of project life.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

10 000 and 1 calories

Oh yeah,
How is one meant to lose weight when ones son is creating his own
restaurant quality dishes at home.

May I present
Salted caramel,
chocolate macadamia nut tart
with chocolate ganache and
a honey chocolate topping.

Ta da

It was very rich
You could only have a sliver
But oh so nice

Am I lucky or what?


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Progress on the mini

Hi all
I have done a few more pages to the mini album for Caitlin's friend, it's very simple as I am running out of time.

The first page, I really like this one

- this ones very simple on some acetate.

This one has a pocket, i love my mini albums to be interactive and have lots of little hidden, pull out things.

This one is probably the plainest page so far. I am leaving all of the journaling for Caitlin as I have no idea who is who or where the photos were taken.

This one uses my favourite trim. More touchy textile stuff.

Most of the papers are Basic Grey and everything is from my stash so you have to love that.

Have I said how much I love blog press and my iPad, it's so easy to upload photos and do posts.

I actually have a post for tomorrow as well, shock horror I know. I am trying to make more of an effort.

Enjoy your Thursday


Monday, March 12, 2012

Project Life and a Mini

Hi there
Thank you thank you thank you for all of your kind and encouraging comments on yesterday's post.

Today's post is craft, yay.

Before I start I just have to say that "me likey this blog press app on my iPad very muchy".

Here is the LHS of my project life and I just had to include my favourite tv shows.

and I could not help myself when I saw that Papertrey Ink had started to sell merchandise. Of course I had to have something. .Joe made some wonderful things at TAFE again.. Again I didn't use my kit just a 6x6 paper pad and I can't remember by who sorry.

Here is the RHS

Here I have made my own little pocket out of...come on you know...the name escapes me...oh what is it....that kind of translucent paper....I bet you are all going.....that's what it's called but I can't for the life of me remember. Any way YKWIM.

And how nice is Leenashe has very kindly made these chevron journaling cards and made them available free on her blog.

Mmmm mmmm I am so into chevron at the moment thanks Leena.

And last but not least here is the front page of a mini that I am working/sitting on

Ha Caitlin would like it finished by Saturday to give to her friend. NOT likely the way I am going at the minute.

Still can't remember the name of that paper....thinking, thinking agh it's so frustrating.
Bye all

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dear blog

Before you read any further this will be a long personal post and not craft related at all, so feel free to leave now.

I just wanted to share with you our day today,which has a very long and quite sad back story and is a part of our current life as it today.

I am not going to go into detail over the history but I will briefly describe the last six months.
We have had to watch my mother in law who was once a kind loving lady and grandmother go into a very rapid dementia decline. We had noticed her gradually getting a little worse over the last year but six months ago we got her to the doctors as we were worried about her living alone. The test that the doctors did said she was only borderline dementia and ok to live on her own with help to do the cleaning ( we actually didn't agree with this as we thought she really couldn't live alone). The next week Nana (as I call her) had a fall and broke her hip. It has been a rapid decline since then. Her body is fine and her hip is great it's her mind that is not there. Unfortunately nana did not cope with the anaesthetic in hospital and this completely changed her personality. We were forever apologising to the nurses as nana would swear at them, hit them, bite them, be rude to them,it was a real awakening. The nursing staff could not believe that this 4foot 6inches sweet old lady could be so vile, strong and nasty.

Luckily our kids did not see any of this. Sure we told them the days happenings and how one day she verbally attacked Andrew ( my husband, her son, the only child that is looking after her) or how she threw her whole plate of dinner over the nurse and then went to throw the glass at Andrew ( I broke down when I saw this and left the ward, it took me about half an hour to stop sobbing) but let me tell you did I let rip when she attacked Andrew. We stopped going to the hospital daily after that it was to depressing, so went went weekly and approached her room on tiptoes as we never knew what she would be like.

According to the doctors her aggression can be common in old people after operations. Anyway nana was in hospital so long that she caught a super bug, so now we have an angry old lady with dementia and a superbug as by now they had diagnosed her with rapid dementia. Forward three months and nana is transferred into a secure dementia home. End of story you would think. No no no

After three weeks we get a phone call, dear sweet tiny old nana had hit another old person at the nursing home and they had called an ambulance for nana who was out of control.
Suffice to say nana had another lengthy stay in hospital. Then back to her beautiful new nursing home where everything has been going great, no anger, just nana, not our old sweet nana but a nana that doesn't know me, or the grand kids, can't remember where she lived etc, but she nearly always remembers her sweet dear boy Andrew.

Anyway fast forward to today which is the reason I write this post. Nana is back in hospital this time with a chest infection bordering on pneumonia and dehydration. We go to see her, our two children Caitlin 19 and Joe 17 come with us, we didn't even think what she would be like,after all they have seen her in the nursing home and they know that nana doesn't know who they are but they wanted to see her.
Health wise she didn't seem to bad to me a bit raspy but not too bad. However nasty nana was back, as we now know what to look for we could see it building up, building up, she had mumbled a few nasty words to the nurse and was just about to give her a whack at the same time looking at me ready to give me a mouthful
Andrew and I looked at each other and within thirty seconds we grabbed the kids and left the ward , me mumbling apologies to the poor nurse.

Now did we do wrong taking the kids with us, they were pretty shook up, we took them out to a late lunch to regroup and talk about what happened but now they will have this memory of their nana instead of the dear sweet one that spoilt them and did crafts with them, oh how I miss that nana.

This is nana today taken two weeks ago at her nursing home.

So that was my weekend and a glimpse into a part Of our life at the moment
If you made it to the end, i am sorry, blogs should be an escape for us all and you don't need to read depressing stuff like this. However it will be a part of my Project Life and as they say "life goes on".

So we are really looking forward to Penang in 2 weeks and 5 days not that we are counting.

Have a happy week

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just a little test

Hi all, gosh I've been gone for a little while and now I am just popping in to see if I can do posts on my iPad and share photos.
So here is a photo of where we will be in three weeks from now

Yes it's a bit steamy, this was taken from our balcony in December 2010, hopefully it will be a little less steamy this time.

Ok so it looks like I can do posts and include photos, maybe if I'm lazing around the pool I can do a few posts to share of Penang.

Other than that all I have managed to do in the last couple of weeks is keep up with my Project Life.
Life in general and a very sick MIL have been keeping us all very busy.

I am doing this post using The blog press app and it doesn't have spell check so just excuse my mistakes.

Enjoy your weekend
Now I just have to find the post button
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