Friday, January 23, 2009

Nag Nag Nag

I know that I have already asked you all to go and look at but I am telling you that Jenn's post "P & V" is so well worth the look and you might also get a laugh when you see the Po (Teletubby) costume that Jenni made for her husband and her viking costume is wow.
I had a play last night with my texture paste and some Utee powder that Sonya was kind enough to give me and this was my finished product. PLEASE what ever you do DO NOT enlarge this photo as I look like a whale already.(Vicki DO NOT show this photo to your husband b/c no way did I look like this in High school) But hey what the heck apart from my size it is a nice photo of me and Joe together. We had such great fun playing for a good hour with Andrew as ball boy and photographer. The embossing on the chipboard looks like water droplets to me I think they turned out great. I tried stamping on to the texture paste but that didn't work so I had to use a stencil instead. I think I put too much paste on.
OK I am of to create some more, Caitlin is at another party so I have to stay up late to pick her up.
Goodnight all
xx Linda

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suzitee said...

I have been...I have seen...and I AM IMPRESSED! What great costumes...fabulous!
Your LO is awesome too, great effects, and I bet you had fun playing with your texture paste. And the photo...please don't be so hard on yourself...I am sure when Joe looks back on this LO he will be thinking that his Mum was so fun and played games with him, and took the time to scrap about him....all good!
Have a great weekend xxx
P.S. Of course you can scrap lift...LMAO...I did!