Thursday, April 30, 2009

On The First Go

Guess who passed their practical driving test on the first go? Caitlin (whoo hoo). Only about 50-60 per cent of drivers pass this test on the first go (as Caitlin was told by her driving instructor), so well done Caitlin we are very proud of you. Now for those of you that don't have children old enough this is what happens next. We are still on "L" plates for another 6 months where Caitlin must accumulate 25 hours of driving under different situations ie) night,rain,freeway,highway etc. At the end of the six months-not before-you then have to sit a hazard perceptions test on the computer, so we still have a way to go.

The professional ball photos arrived today so I thought that i would share one with you. Such a photogenic girl, I really don't know where she gets that from.
Hope that you are all having a good week i am going to search the web to try and find a place to buy my Canon Powershot from (any suggestions) and no I don't want a SLR too much money, I could be spending that on more scraping,quilting supplies.
C ya

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More of the BALL album

So much to do and not enough time to do it in. I am sure this is a problem we all have.
This is a scraplift that I admired from the Scrapbook Creations mag No 64 by Kylie Fraser. As is the usual mine turned out completely different. I seem to be going through a natural, texture kind of phase and I am loving distressing everything. The background is Kraft card and the other papers are BG Porcelain. I didn't have many American Craft alphas left so wow was one of the words i came up with. These are the new Heidi Swapp papers they come in all kind of designs, they are white with patterns and then you can ink, paint whatever you like, a bit like a resist technique. I inked mine with 3 different colours and am really happy with the result. The colouring nearly matches the Porcelain papers. This is a really simple LO as my children and husband are well aware that they must bring me all types of stuff from an event so that I can incorporate it in my scrapping. I love doing this, about 25 years ago Jenni and I went to Hong Kong, I still have all of the shopping receipts and travel tickets. It's so interesting to look back on.
This is my rushed and very simple LO for the monthly challenge at TM's
Although its simple it still tells a storey that Joe will remember for the rest of his life.

Sorry that one seems a bit blurry (again) I cant wait for my new camera. Or else I have the SHAKES.
Well school starts tomorrow so that means I am back to work. :(
Have a good week everyone.

Monday, April 27, 2009

2nd post for the day

I was inspired to do this album by Susan who made one similar and is currently on show at Tomorrow's Memories. Susan also gave me the transparencies to use. Thanks :) I just love this little album it is from Kaisercraft and it didn't take long to make.
There is a page missing b/c it wouldn't let me download them all. And if you look closely I have added some transparency pages (the first time i have ever done this). They are so easy and i thought that they would be hard to use.

The paper, flower on the front and the bling are from Prima. The papers are just gorgeous and the line is called "flirty Little Secret"

Don't look to closely at my 80's hairstyle on this one! I love this photo of me and my mum (the one where i am in bathers)

I cant wait until mothers day so i will give it to my mum this week plus we are having lunch at our house for mothers day and my mother in law will be there and I haven't made her one, maybe I should get Andrew to work on one.
Honestly this was really simple & quite inexpensive to make and I know that mum will love it.
PS I have just worked out how to put a link up if you didnt notice so it will be like my new toy and I will be using it a lot so sorry... Thanks Jen
:) :) :)

A Good Cause

Tomorrows Memories are putting together a collage of words to raise money for the cancer foundation. You are given this little chipboard rectangle with some paper and all you have to do is put a word on it and decorate it any way you like. Here is my sample. Very simple, it only costs $2.00 (i think cant remember) but not much anyway so if you get time give it a go.
You do have to be completed by Thursday of this week. For more inspiration have a look at Susans blog.

Joe's FESA Cadet unit was given the opportunity to march in the ANZAC day parade in the city this year. What an honour it was for them. Seeing my dad couldn't march this year it was a double honour for Joe.

I stayed home and watched the march on the ABC and made about 80 ANZAC biscuits. (Sorry blurry photo again) All ready to eat when they got back.

I have been working on another mini album that is nearly finished and was so easy hopefully I will get it finished and have it on my blog later today. So watch this space.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Handbag Tidy

When I saw this handbag tidy advertised in one of the Kaisercraft workshops I just knew that I had to do one for my friend Jenni. Jenni always makes her own handbags so I thought that her sewing room might need a little place to put her pens and scissors etc.
My DH liked it so much that he has requested one for our house "to replace that horrid black thing that we use now".
Other than that I have been experimenting with stamping techniques that are on the Hero Arts blog and I made two more pot holders today although one was that bad that if i was in year 8 doing Clothing & Fabric (that's what it was called when I was at school) I would have failed. Boy it was bad. AND with that I packed the sewing machine away and maybe it might come out next holidays.
On another note Tomorrows Memories (where I do all of my scrapbook shopping) is turning 5 next month and they are having a RED CARPET scrap to celebrate. Jenni is making my outfit so I went and had a fitting on Monday its all coming along very nicely.
Well that's all for tonight. Hope you are all well.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Have To Get One Of These

Or should I say, " do I really want one of these?"
It's the new thing from Provo Craft its a binder and a laminator in one, it looks really easy but do I really need one?

Now cupcakes are all of the rage now and have been for some time, whilst blog hopping on the American cupcake sites (which is unbelievable) I came across a list of worldwide cup cake stores and can you believe it we have one here. It is in Dalkeith, a bit of a journey but here is the link go and have a look. YUM.

Now here is a card that I copied from a lovely magazine that Susan lent me. I didn't have any Thickers left but when i was cleaning out my room the other day i found some sheets of flock (another thing that is in at the minute) so I used my cricut to cut out the words but let me tell you it was a real pain i.t.a. trying to get the backing of. When i showed DH the finished product he said "is it meant to have the torn paper?" DUH you gotta love em....

Here's a set of Debbie Mumm applique that I did a couple of years ago and i also found them in my cupboard so i stuck them on my wall (you gotta love blu tak) but yes I know I should make sleeves and hang them properly.

Now last year I participated in a little swap where we had to decorate some dress forms. The ones I got back are incredible but what do you do with them? They have been sitting in the same box ever since until i looked at this empty bit of wall and thought that they might fit here so now they also are blu tacked on my wall.

Well I have waffled on enough for one night i am now going to turn around and potter at my craft desk. Don't forget that mother's day is fast approaching and we should all start making our cards or prezzies. Or if you still have little ones at primary school start thinking about what crafty things you can make for the mothers day stall. Now, that time has passed for me and maybe i am a little bit glad b/c our primary school didn't have good mothers day stalls-everyone just sent in whatever-then the kids got to buy something. Caitlin came home very proudly with a bottle of green nail polish for me. If that wasn't bad enough it was only half full and had already been used. But she was so excited and had wrapped it herself. And if you are wondering NO i do not still have it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have been a busy girl.

As I was up late last night (see previous blog) i had the chance to get a bit of scrapping done. I was a bit behind in my 52Questions challenge (TRACEY?) so this was a good opportunity to catch up. They don't have to be arty or perfect just anything that takes your fancy. Actually its a really good way to use your scraps. I wont show you the answers especially for the who or sorry what keeps me awake at night ones. Anyway y'all should think of giving it a go, some of the questions have been quite hard and really made me think.
I also finished two pages of Caitlin's ball album. I am following the timing of the day so i will be working on the Pre"s next. I think that at the end I will also do a page with all of the costs for everything, I am sure that Caitlin and her children will find it all rather interesting in the future. (Just hope I am around when the time comes).

I used Basic Grey on both pages, actually unless i say otherwise it will be all BG Porcelain, and i found this very pretty ribbon in the bargain bin at TM's to good to pass up.
And this is what i was doing for most of today..
I was trying to find some magnets (round ones like the little batteries) i know that i have got some but where have i put them? This lead me to a big clean up of my craft room and 3 garbage bags later i still cant find my magnets.

I'm a bit done in now and Andrew just asked if i was going to try that hedgehog (disaster) slice again? Why he just cant eat the crumbly one with a spoon I don't know :) It all tastes the same...
That will have to wait until tomorrow.
Goodnight everyone have a lovely Sunday.
xx Linda

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Cooking

Well when I say "some cooking" I mean these, all 6 dozen of them. I also made a really easy no bake hedgehog slice that only had 5 ingredients in it and horror of horrors it didn't turn out. I like to think that i am a very good cook so when something that's seems pretty easy doesn't turn out i get frustrated. We now have a slice tin full of crushed biscuits,cocoa, butter and sugar that hasn't set and is just all crumbly. Poor Andrew he does love hedgehog and i was going to surprise him with this , oh well he will just have to have a mini cup cake. Other than that no craft done today as it was cleaning day and both my children were home so the house got cleaned really quick. I so love holidays when they are here to help :)
Caitlin is going out tonight and I thought that we should have an adult conversation on when I should pick her up, Caitlin said 12 I said 11 Caitlin countered with 11.30 and i feel exhausted already so what time do you think i should pick her up?
Her friend came to visit her today, she has just got her licence and is out and about and this made me think that the next couple of months will be our last having Caitlin home as our little girl (if you know what i mean) when she gets her licence she will be going here there and everywhere without any of us so i had better not grumble about taking her here and there.
It does make you think (I know what i was like at her age always out never home-remember Jen?) we will be entering another phase of our life.
Anyway having said all that I will definitely get some crafting done tonight as i have to stay up late :0)
Have a good night everyone
Thanks for visiting
xx Linda

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Definately not a PERFECTIONIST

Now all you sew-ers (I had to put that little line in because sewers looks like the garbage sewer if you get wht i mean) out there in particular Jenni (Mummy daughter time),Susan (stitch scrap sew) and Lisa (from A Spoonful of sugar) please don't have palpitations when you see my version of pot holders. They don't have binding and they don't have a loop (because I don't use the loop) and they are not perfectly square but the fabric is pretty cute and i have lots more :0) They are thick enough and work well-i just tested them out- and from the scraps I made these coffee coasters, for much neater ones you need to look at Jenni's blog Jens are perfect. Great for using left over scraps.
That's all today plan to do some baking tomorrow
Have a good night
xx Linda
PS Joe has saved up enough money for a new I Pod touch so we are going shopping

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pure Indulgence

I have just come back from an hour or so and a coffee and lots of talking and some buying at Tomorrow's Memories and I couldn't wait to try out my new Hero Arts design block stamp. So here is a quick card that I have just made. I have also got out the sewing machine (although I only turned the light on for your benefit) and its all ready to go, but first I have to mend the dreaded PHATT pants.
Now for the real indulgent bit.......
I cant believe that I am showing you this.....
And if you all read yesterdays blog you will know that I have the whole day to myself so.....
Who is coming to afternoon tea? you might ask. NO ONE its all mine.
so I am going to have this little tea party on my own (don't worry I am happy with my own company-glad to have time to myself) and then I will have a go at the sewing and then I will have to come back into my craft room to play with the rest of the goodies i bought today.

Enjoy your day everyone. I AM ENJOYING MINE.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Some BLURRRRY Photos

Wow I think for once that I managed to get my photo's in the order that i want them. They are blurry though so be warned.
I just had to take a photo of all these lovely eggs that my mother in law blew and painted, i should have turned them around so instead of seeing all of our initials you see her beautiful painting. Not bad for an 82 y o Huh. Now here come the blurry ones my hand was shaking (don't know why) any way it's the front cover to Caitlin's ball photos -if you can't read:) all bound with the Zutter., and using Basic Grey Porcelain that I have been saving just for this album
Now the first page, the invitation is actually creased that is not my poor photography.I actually quite enjoyed this inking and tearing and coffee dying it's a bit plain but it will do. I am going in order of the day/night so next will be the makeupless Caitlin getting her hair done.

Last but not least and this one is really blurry a quick card that I made using a transparency sheet it doesn't look too bad not that you can tell here.

Anyway I hope that you all had a happy Easter and that you didn't eat too many chocolates. I have already started on my holiday cooking list-the cutlets are all crumbed and in the freezer. Tomorrow, I have to MYSELF so I am going to TM"s to "browse" and chat and then home to have a meeting with my sewing machine.
Happy Holidays Everyone.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Proud Moment

Hi all, I just wanted to share with you a LO that I did last night. Everything seem to come together really easily. "Of course" the paper is Basic Grey-Marrakech, the alphas and journalling card are from Creative Cafe and "of course" there is some Craft Queen ribbon . I used the Graphically Speaking cartridge from the Cricut to cut out the trophy and frame and that's it. My biggest dilemma at the moment is to think what to get for dinner. I always remember my mum saying "that cooking is the easy part, thinking of what to cook is the hard part." Yeah right I thought at 17. Now 20+ years later I know exactly what she meant.
The holidays are coming up and I plan to get reacquainted with my sewing machine as its brand new (although I think that its nearly 3 yo) I have probably only used it about ten times, which means reading the manual all over again.
I also plan to bake lots, like biscuits (do you know that most biscuits freeze well) and Arancini and crumb a ton of cutlets-the Italian way of course. Actually all of these things freeze really well so it's time to restock the freezer. Does any one have any yummy recipes that can be made and frozen to share?
So a real homey type holiday is planned for me...lets see what happens.
Love to you all