Monday, January 12, 2009

Everyday Things

Hello all and what a nice change in the weather we have had today. Thank you Tracey for my coffee at the shop and thank you Sonya for my little pack of goodies.
Tracey has inspired me (yet again) to scrap the everyday day things, things we do all the time and I am finding this type of scrapbooking very rewarding. So with this in mind here is my LO for today. Andrew of course hates these photos and says "you should have got more of the pool" maybe I should have but that was not really what the LO was about. It's all Basic Grey Granola paper and stickers and Craft Queen ric rac. Susan I enlarged this bit especially for you. Yes I got out my machine and sewed one line. I cant even say straight line b/c it wasn't.
The funny thing is after I told Andrew the name of this LO he said "that's it I am going for a swim" so of he went changed into his boardies and rashy as far as the first step and said "I have had enough of the sun today" and that was that. (he had just done the gardening in the hot 37C sun. :)
Well that's my lot for today I am going to spend all of tomorrow scrapping and doing some kits that I got from the shop today. Wonderful. My idea of bliss.
xx Linda


suzitee said...

Why doesn't he swim? Or do you chase him with the camera when he gets in his bathers? LOL
Great to see your stitching...adds a great touch. Can't seem to use my stash of Granola-yours looks great!

suzitee said...

Me again :)

I have left a little RAK at the shop for you xxx

Tracey said...

It was great catching up for a coffee, its alway great to see you and have a chat. Scrapping the everyday moments for me is what scrapbooking is all about, it makes me happy and I'm glad its makes you happy too. Love me :-)