Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lovely Mail

I love getting parcels in the mail.
During the week I received some Copic Markers and had a little play with them. This is what i made.

I will have to go on YouTube and watch a few videos on how to use them properly.
This afternoon i made this gorgeous card set which was my Card Makers Tea Party card pack for the month. This set was designed by Susan, isn't it gorgeous and it will/would make the perfect gift.

Five cards in all so this was a very generous pack. (and all made without my cricut)

This morning whilst mum came over i made banana muffins and then experimented with some mango's from our tree and made mango muffins. She asked me why i bake so much especially since i am on my diet and these are the reasons:
: mum is still losing wait so i try and give her food without seeming to do so
: It fills up Joe's lunchbox
: I love baking
: and for some reason i always bake more when i am dieting-don't know why

Next weekend I am going to try a recipe from Rumi to use even more mango's and yippee it's a long weekend...if you need some baking ideas head on over here to A Spoonful of Sugar, Lisa and Sarah are always whipping up something yummy.
Joe's cricket team have made the finals so where the season should have finished today there will still be at least another 2 weeks.
OK that's me done, don't forget to check out A card makers journey if you haven't done so already and have a great week.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A new blog with FREE card making tutorials

Hi there hope you are all having a great weekend.
Now I simply must tell you about this new blog called A Card makers Journey. Every Friday there will be a free tutorial made for us by Tracey with great photos and easy step by step instructions. So if you are new to card making or an old hand but have run out of ideas go and have a look. As I have said previously on my blog Tracey won the award for Australian Designer of the Year/card making in 2009 and luckily for me she teaches at my local craft shop. So go on have a look.

This is my take on her first tutorial. (ha, i copied every little bit) Yes i even got out my sewing machine. Now for some of my randomness.
Guess who has lost 10kg's?
A little parcel arrived for me this week in the mail and I will show you what I have done with it tomorrow.
Provocraft has just released some new cartridges for my cricut, so you know who will have to go and buy them.
Am still waiting for that Afternoon Tea cookbook to arrive.
We are planning a trip to Bali in June/July and are looking at our own cottage with a private swimming pool and a maid. (yes i know its not Penang ..sigh..)
Joe had his first work experience in the kitchens of the Burswood Hotel/casino he love,loved it. So he wants to be a chef. OK by me but apprenticeships there are hard to get.

OK that's about it i am off to make my Card Makers Tea Party Kit which this month is designed by Susan and they are way nice.
Hope you have a HAPPY Sunday.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guests for Dinner

Happy Valentines Day everyone.
Last night we had some friends over for dinner so I thought it would be fun to make them all a little Valentines treat and this is what I came up with. Using the Cricut of course and the Love Struck cartridge. I also whipped up 3 more of these cute boxes for my god children. Very plain but hey it was a last minute thing.
Here's a close up of the girly one, i am loving these flowers.

Well I think that the Florist delivery van man and the post man have all got lost and also it appears that they have sold out of chocolates in the whole Perth area as mine seem to have got lost.......!!!!!!............I promise you he was once very romantic back when we were dating some 20 years ago. Oh well..Sigh...never mind.
Have had a great day though (Joe and Andrew had to get up early for cricket) so i had a little sleep in, then my mum came over and i did a little baking whilst we talked then mum watched a DVD whilst I did a pile of ironing. Then in the afternoon it was my turn on the couch to watch some DVDs. No crafting just relaxing and now I am spending a little time reading every one's blogs and Mel Goodsell just had to post about another fabulous cookbook so WHO had to go and order one, just what i need another cook book, but i couldn't resist.
So I hope you all had a lovely day and enjoy your week ahead.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little Valentines

Here are some cute treats that I made to go in my mailbox (earlier post) to give to the two ladies at work. The topper was cut with the cricut and Kraft card stock, then stamped, add a little ribbon and some flowers..finished. Easy.
Andrew went to the chocolate shop and got these cute hearts, there is two left but they wont be passing these lips.
Enjoy your week ahead

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Party Favour and other random stuff

Check out this cute party favour box (modelled by Joe) with one of my crocheted flowers. Yes its made with the cricut, Sweet Treats Cartridge. So easy to do. Just thought that i would show you what you can get when you live next to the Swan Valley-grapes galore picked fresh this morning and in my tummy this afternoon. Yum, crunchy and sweet.

and from our tree, Mangoes. Double Yum. We have got a huge amount on our tree this year.

and..I always thought that a pool table was for playing pool on, apparently not in our house....

Have a great weekend

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Little Bit of Recycling

Happy Tuesday everyone.
Here's a LO I did the other night using some plastic weave thingy that i had kept, thinking hmm this might come in handy some time. The frame was cut using the Gypsy/cricut (love it). Not much else to it really apart from the wonderful papers. Well that's it for me tonight, a new season of 24 is starting (and i have watched everyone so far) so i cant miss this series.
Have a good night.