Friday, January 16, 2009

Kit 2

When I was eight or nine I remember how bored I used to get on the Christmas holidays because they were so long. Well 30+ 5 years later I can tell you that is not the case today. I can't believe that the holidays are nearly over already, where has the time gone? I haven't washed my windows, cleaned the oven, gone through the kids drawers or any of those tedious things you only do on holidays because you don't have the time to do them when you are working. I have scrapped, rested, read lots of books, swam and caught up with friends alas it will have to end sometime.
As promised here is the second kit I got from the shop- One of Sonya's designs. We were in Narrogin when this photo was taken I think I am about 3 (still got those chubby little baby legs).
My mum is wearing her slippers-is that an English thing. She still wears slippers to this day never bare feet. The big flower was meant to be to the side of the page a bit but I wanted this to fit in an album so I had to fit it on the page.
I am going to a class tomorrow at the shop it feels like ages since I attended a class so I am really looking forward to it.
Stay cool everyone (for those of you not in Perth it was meant to be 40C today).
I am of to take Joe cricket training. It's going to be a bit hot for them.
Take care


suzitee said...

Another beautiful sure are getting lots of scrapping done (half your luck!) Holidays are for doing EXACTLY what you have been doing...relaxing. All those other things will still be there when you go back to work.

Try to stay cool :)

Vicki said...

It was wonderful seeing you at the shop today Linda. Enjoy what is left of the holidays and fit in as much scrapping in as you can!!!!
See you again soon....vicki