Friday, March 27, 2009

Cuttlebug Challenge

Hi everyone if you use your cuttlebug and love it as I do then go over here have a look there is a sneak peak of a new folder that will be released soon it's gorgeous and Provo craft would like you to do a survey all the links are up on the cuttlebug blog and whilst you are there look at the cupcakes.
Have a good weekend everyone. I know I will, am doing a class tomorrow at TM's and NO cricket on Sunday so I can have a big sleep in and then we are going to have a yummy brunch.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm in a card phase

As the title says I am in a bit of a card phase at the moment. Susan from lent me some of her card magazines and they have given me such inspiration. I have been going card crazy. This one is my favourite, I used just a very small piece of my BG Porcelain, Craft Queen ribbon, the beautiful Kaisercraft Pearls and I cant remember where the brad came from. Although I would normally keep this for a little while (and keep looking at it) my friend needed a special card to give to someone so I gave it to her.
I am still searching the web for an easy pot holder pattern am yet to find one. Surely I don't need one! I am going to have a play on the holidays and see what I come up with. This week on the cuttlebug challenge site they have some wonderful cupcakes where the icing has all been embossed with the cuttlebug (the link is on my blog) it's worth a look.
I am off to make more cards.
Have a good night everyone.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I would just like to say CONGRATULATIONS to all the team of Swan Athletic Under 15's Cricket Club who won their grand final today.
And a very well done to this young man who got PLAYER OF THE GAME and was given the match ball as a memento.
Well done Joe, your Dad, Caitlin and I are very proud of you. On another note from yesterday here is the link I was talking about This is a fabulous blog (another Perth girl) and it was from reading this blog and going to all the links that I found the pot holders so I will just keep on looking and get them to you some time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Easter bunny

I am trying to be super organised here and have prepared my Easter gifts for 1 teacher and 3 other ladies aren't they cute? There is one that hasn't been embossed (she was my first prototype). I always seem to forget about my cuttlebug, not this time, I think the bunnies look better embossed and definitely ooh la la with their necklaces. Quiet night tonight so hopefully I will be able to do some craft. Notice I say craft, I don't actually feel like scrapbooking (shock-horror). Maybe some cards or some quilting or I could make some pot holders (i have just been on to an amazing blog that is full of such inspiration) i will have to find it again and put a link up. I have got 100's of fat quarters just sitting here doing nothing-just think of all the pot holders I could make with them.
The last day of cricket is here tomorrow. Joe's team made the grand final and it's their turn to bat tomorrow, so I had better go and make an appearance and cheer them on.
Hope you all have a great w/e

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just The One

Only one LO to share today, this one is of my brother and my nephew (about 10 years ago).
The paper is from My Minds Eye (Penny Lane) and My Little Shoebox (Enjoy Life). They are really nice and kind of fresh and colourful. I love them. This LO was so easy as the paper is so wonderful that you really don't have to use much of anything else. SIMPLE. I did use one of my stamp sets which I thought blended really well and my MM alphabet stickers. Can you tell that the "a " is not red? I tried colouring it but it didn't really work and then I used my threading water punch. EASY

I have done another LO which I think is really great using the Penny Lane range but as I got the photos illegally (I just happened to find some My Space type photos on Joe's camera) and I quickly downloaded them as you do. He will kill me if I put the LO on my blog so I cannot share this with you. Never mind its one of those LO's that I will be saving for his 21st.

I am saving my BG porcelain to do a album of Caitlin's ball. I am going to go to the shop and see if there are any more of Sharon Manning's ( softwraps and use one of these as my album. You should take a visit to her blog they are really nice.
Any way that's me done for tonight have a good one.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

All Neat & Tidy

A black box!
Not just any black box.
I have tried all sorts of ways of storing my clear stamps including purchasing the specially designed folder from Making Memories and none of the methods thrilled me so.....
after a discussion with Tracey on this very topic she was very kind enough to show me how she stores her clear stamps. So of course I just had to try out her way and I spent all of Saturday afternoon doing this. Making divider cards and sorting all my stamps. (I thought I had a lot, but there doesn't look that many when stored like this). So now they are all neat and tidy and waiting to be used. (thanks Tracey)
My only 12 x12 LO for this week was this one using the BG Marakesh. I got to use 2 carts from my cricut, it's a very simple one.

My mini album for my Aunty is finished and ready to be posted so I will have to take a few photos before I post it.
That's me done for today. I hope that you all had a great weekend.
And Mary if you are reading this thank you for last night we had a great time and if you ever want to comment just use the anonymous comment (but put your name) it works (I sent myself a comment on Joe's laptop he he :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From this.....

Time for some more ball photos.
Here we have Caitlin with her Bf Brie and Brie's boyfriend Reece. This photo was taken at the pre party. (Just getting you all used to the correct lingo b/c you are all going to go though this at some stage :) ) Sorry I don't know why this came out on an angle but if you twist your head you can see it.
Now this is where I type FROM THIS.......

TO THIS......Caitlin is going to kill me when she finds out that I put this photo on my blog. I hope that Jess doesn't mind. The girls live very close together and they both go to the the same hairdresser-Margaret-who lives behind us so they decided to get their hair done together.

Wasn't it worth it. Don't they both look gorgeous and many thanks to Margaret for doing such a fab job.
And guess who won this months challenge at TM's???????

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yes it has been and gone and now I should be able to get a good nights sleep (was worried about the after party where 270 people were expected).
And Caitlin looked really beautiful her hair was amazing and it stills looks like that now 24 hours later. Her makeup done by Napoleon was really nice-not to heavy, everything went well and she had an absolute ball. (how appropriate)
Here is her group lined up waiting to get in the limo
At home doing some Bold & Beautiful shots
A close up of her hair so that you all can see how fab it was.

Doesn't she look grown up? Nearly 17, wow. I know that most of you have children younger than mine so you will have all of this to look forward too and it was an exciting day. Although she did say that she was fed up of having her photo taken and of course I said "this is nothing-wait until you get married".
As I post this at 4pm said daughter is having a wee nap as she didn't leave the after party until 4.30am. (I bet that got your attention)
Everyone is getting their own dinner so my time is mine.
Oh I am waiting for a miracle to happen apparently its happening right now....I had to get a new washing machine and believe it or not it has a special wash for different stains and I just had to try out the grass stain as Joe came home from cricket with green "whites" so its completing this amazing miracle as i post this, I will let you know if it works.
Speaking of Joe his cricket team won today and that means that they are in the Grand Final which is fabulous until Joe realised that he was going to miss out on his best friends birthday sleepover. Cant let the team down.
With that I will leave you and go and see if my miracle has happened.
Have a great week everyone

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Phatt Pants ???

My Dad is out of hospital after a successful operation and is now eating. Thank you to everyone for their emails, texts and phone calls of support. It's great to know that you are all out there.
After much saving and endless trips to the letter box Joe's phatt pants have arrived? What do you think. Would you let your boy out in these?
Well I am definitely taking lots of photos b/c when he gets to 25 or 30 I will get the photos out and show him.
This is the back view This is the side view complete with Transformer Oh and don't forget the braces. (which on closer look seem to be made out of a car seat belt..So if we ever need a seat belt i will know where to look)
I have been working on my aunties album and doing some cards but have honestly been to tired to post anything. This is my first 12 x 12 LO that I have done in about 5 weeks. This was easy as it uses the BG Marakesh and the matching stickers. I also used a new cart for my cricut called Graphically Speaking (thanks Sonya) which is fabO.

I went to the shop and bought xx $$$ on all these beautiful new papers some gorgeous ones from My Minds Eye, and I just had to buy and buy.
Caitlin is at the hairdressers getting her hair done b/c its the BALL tonight and then we are of to Napoleon (i think that's right) for the make up. So I will have a ton of pics to post tomorrow. Then it will all be over and I can get back to a semi normal life and catch up on some much needed sleep.