Thursday, January 22, 2009


5I actually put these in the correct order-what a fluke. I am going to join Tracey from and do the 52Q challenge. Here are my three tags for the first 3 weeks. I have scanned them so the quality hasn't turned out as good as taking a photo. The first tag is actually green. I found these very easy to do and am going to love the fact that I can use any technique or style that takes my fancy. It is also going to be a great way to use scraps. Here are my answers and I am going to be 100per cent truthful so don't be shocked by some of the answers. Not that I know the questions, we find out each week.

What am I going to do with 52 tags you might ask? Well that's another question and seeing that I am only answering 52 I will let you know another time.
Jenni surprised me today with my cupcake apron which is gorgeous and I will take a photo to show you all and make you jealous.
I had better stop all this crafting for a whilst and go and do some boring things like wrap school books b/c the holidays are nearly over :(
Thanks for reading my blog
xx Linda


suzitee said...

Good on you Linda...wish I could be so motivated! I wonder what you'll do with them at the end of the year too...
Can't wait to see your cupcake apron...I love cupcakes!

Jenni said...

Way Cool! I believe in Fairies......and Santa! Bec and Jen xxx