Monday, January 31, 2011

All mixed up

Hi all
how are you?
this is a very quick photo heavy post as i am itching to go and do some more quilting.
so here is a couple of cards all made with scraps

and here is another  two pages to go into my 5x7 hybrid holiday mini album, i love these templates as i can use a few photos

and here is one of the things i am currently working on. Susan made a divine table runner way back in November and was very very kind to give me her left over fabric so i could make it as well. So here are the three blocks i have finished so far, don't look to closely

 i have two more cut out and ready to sew, so that is what i am going to do right now.
night everyone.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Very very deep.

Okay how are you all
i am now in to week 4 of my Ali Edwards online class and this week we had to do a LO that was personal and deep, it was up to us if we wanted to put it out there in blog land.
I have no problems with everyone knowing my ins and outs and this LO is pretty out there, Andrew cant believe that i am actually going to put it on my blog although he did say that he wished that he could write like i did. High praise indeed coming from one that is very very literate and well read.

Can i first say before you see the LO's that they are all about the story not about the paper or embellishments. The actual story only took me about half an hour to write and for some reason, i don't no why i wrote this piece in Photoshop instead of Word and this took me ages to edit as Photoshop doesn't have spell check or anything, so after about two hours i gave up, printed it, stuck my photo on and a few embellishments and edited it by hand which is now a feature of the page i think. And for some reason the type came out really really small . For those of you who want to read my story i hope you can see it by clicking on each photo. If not stick a magnifying glass in front of the screen.LOL.

Also before you read this might i add this is MY story and how I feel in my own case, i understand that other people don't have the same opinion as me or might think that i am wrong but this is for my kids to read and understand and also later in life its all there in case they want to follow it up. I don't.

Here goes.

Well did you make it to the end?
Pretty deep huh.
may i just add that this is why i scrapbook, sure i like flowers and pretty papers and i am the queen of tools and gizmos but sometimes you just don't need it.

whew a lighter post tomorrow with some patchwork and some cards.

PS . Suzitee i know that you will love this LO.
Thank you all for stopping by.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Remember this?


do you remember this?


Well it now looks like this

Those colours are so me.
and here it is in its new home
Very simply quilted by machine and apart from the Sashiko in the middle all of it was made from fabrics in my stash so you have to love that.
Going now to get started on another quilty type project, gosh this is fun.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Hi there
One of the online classes i am doing at the moment is with Ali Edwards and its called Yesterday and Today so here is my first page and this one is a digital page. (don't laugh at the photos, you are about to see me as you have never seen me before)
The next two pages are 'hybrids' which means i have printed out the journalling block on the computer then stuck it on to paper, i haven't enhanced or cropped any of these photos (that's something Ali very rarely does) so this is what they looked like when i snaffled them from mum.

Oh to be so slim again.
OK enough of that.
In my last Cocoa Daisy kit we got some sublime Jenny Bowlin butterflys and i just had to put them to use making these cards that were inspired by Dawn Mcvey ,

Blue and brown is my new favourite colour combo.
There is a bit of quilting going on around here and hopefully i will have more to show you tomorrow.

Friday, January 14, 2011

All ready for christmas next

Remember when 'The Three Of  Us' (Susan, Tracey and me) started to make a table runner, it was a Christmas theme but we knew that it would never be finished for Christmas, well they are, and 11 months early i might add!!!

This one is Susan's with a white background. Oh so yummy and crisp.
photo from Susan's blog
and this one is Tracey's, her very first quilting project and hand quilted as well. Tracey's has a cream background.

photo from Tracey's blog

and here is mine with a green background, hand quilted with a bit of stippling-i haven't stippled (that sounds funny) for years so its a bit rough and uneven but i am very happy with it.
and a close up so you can see that puffy, puffy puffiness that i love.

The three of us met this morning for a scrumptious breakfast at the Burswood and i was meant to come home and clean, well .....who feels like blogging and some craft it is.
Off to potter and play

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Did you know

that i love to read and i love books. I have such an eclectic taste in authors however i will not read Stephen King or any of the Twilight books they just don't do it for me.
I love spy books and war books yep that's right, here's my latest addition to our bookcase
I have had to wait ages for the new Tom Clancy book, its a big one and quite hard to read whilst laying down (I love to read laying down with a drink and a bag of chips oops apple. Andy McNab is another of my favourite authors and his first book Bravo 2 Zero is a true story of how he managed to escape from a prison in Iraq he is the most decorated soldier in British history. His other books are all fiction  with war themes. I love KGB/CIA spy type books so if anyone can recommend me any please leave a comment.
The other day i picked up this book and read the blurb about it and thought OK i will give this a go and when i got home i looked at the author "Nicole Ritchie", surely not 'the' Nicole Ritchie i thought, she cant write but what little did i know it was quite a good read.
Of course there had to be some crafty books purchased
and this leads me on to all of the baking that i have been doing lately,, before i go on let me tell you that these were the kids choices and i am so OVER chocolate.

A giant milk chocolate cookie, i found it very sweet but the kids loved it, and

these ones were called chocolate crackles, very nice but a bit of an effort to make.
I am not a sweet person, give me a cheese platter any day but i must confess to a love of home made cookies or biscuits, and here are some all ready to go as gifts, aren't they cute?

Boy that was a long post, i am home alone and plan to do a bit of scrapping now before i start on dinner, so

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Last night i finished a LO.
This LO has taken me ages to do and has put me off doing any scrapbooking at all. Why you might ask. Well the photo has a storey with it and i wanted to tell it well, i also had an idea of how i wanted the page to turn out but couldn't bring myself to do it. So in the hard pile it went.

Last night i thought STUFF IT, just do it, and you know what, it was real easy and i am oh so happy with the way it turned out.

Now its not really a pretty page, it does however tell the storey which is exactly what i wanted and thanks to a Friday Photoshop tutorial with Jessica Sprague i was able to do my journalling on the computer.
Its a sad storey with a bittersweet ending.
That doily stamp is oh so pretty and came in my monthly kit from Cocoa Daisy.
And here is the newspaper case you are interested

So yay i did it, i am very happy with it and now i am in the MOOD to SCRAP.
Thanks for dropping by.
PS i have baked yummy things all day today and i will show you tomorrow so if you are on a diet "sorry".

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Would you give this to a boy?

Hi there,
i have just finished making two cards and one i wanted to do in boy colours, i was quite pleased with myself and walked out to show Andrew (dh) and he said "you cant give that card to a male its got a cake on it". humph##** so what do you reckon?

Could i give this to a boy or not?
Here is another one in different colours that i am entering into a challenge at Meredith Scraps.
Now i don't do new year resolutions but this is one thing i will be working on next starting Saturday, will ya just take a look at my craft room.

My desk. OMG what a MESS.

Next to my desk. OMG what a mess.
Now this corner is real BAD.
and my computer desk, bad as well. I consider myself a tidy person with everything in its own place, well judging by this mess you all wont agree, so i am off to Ikea on Saturday to buy some units or something.

Ok, have to go pick up Joe now who has been working in a hot kitchen for the last nine hours. He has met just about all of the tennis players playing in the Hopman cup including Andy Roddick and Leyton Hewitt and a couple of weeks ago he met Shane Warne and the man himself James Packer. Gees if only Pierce Brosnan came and stayed at the Burswood i would have to hang out in the kitchens with Joe.

Night all


Monday, January 3, 2011

A little pink

Hi all, how you doin? We are having some very hot weather here in Perth so its nice to spend the day at home with the air/con on and jumping in and out of the pool and eating yummy crunchy sweet fresh grapes straight from the Swan Valley.

A little crafting is going on here-not much but some.

Here is another rosette, pink this time on top of one of my handmade boxes all ready to give to a sweet girl who will be turning 14, who as i type this is one her way to KL for some shopping with her family. Happy Birthday Rebecca.

and here is the card i made for her birthday. Everything is from my Cocoa Daisy November kit and Stampin Up. Apart from my vintage button which was courtesy of my MIL. I do so love buttons and hate to part with them but what good are they sitting in a box?

Next up is a card inspired by PTI and they were easy to make so i made a couple to put in my stash and the stash i am creating for my SIL who loves to give home made cards.
Flower stamp is from PTI everything else is Stampin Up. BTW Andrew and Caitlin hate dislike the Kraft one and yes i think the green and red ones are better.

Joe is fast asleep and has been for nearly the whole day, he worked from 12 noon yesterday until 11.30pm poor thing he could hardly walk when i picked him up. He is still loving it and coming home with funny tails from the kitchen every night. As yet he has not cooked me anything but i am patient and can wait.

I want to do a LO now it has been a whilst since i did one but i just don't feel it if you get what i mean. I may stick with cards or do some Off the page thingy or work on my mini album or maybe i will go and have another swim. I have told said 18yo daughter and friend to get out of the pool as they have been in there for about 2 hours and they WILL be burnt but ha who am i to know these things.

Have fun, thanks for visiting i so love it when you do.