Sunday, January 4, 2009

Perfect Sunday

Today we had one of those days that I daydreamed about having when I was younger. I am not making sense but its kind of like this- My dream when I was young was to get married and have kids and then have fun with my kids and their friends and so on and so on and I am so LUCKY because my dream comes true nearly every day. Caitlin had one of her best friends over today for a sleep over. After a sleep in we had a yummy cooked breakfast and then they lounged in the pool. Mean whilst Joe was having a friend over for a sleepover tonight. So all we could here was our children-teenagers- having fun using the pool or playing games. To finish of a perfect day Brie and Caitlin wanted to scrap some photos from their New Years Eve party. Brie's boyfriend Reece had come to have a swim and pick Brie up but he never got to have his swim as Reece spent a good 2-3 hours scrapbooking with us. So thank you Caitlin, Joe, Brie, Reece and Chris for making today a PERFECT Sunday.


Jenni said...

Geez Linda, I hope my kids still want to hang out with me when they're teenagers! Make the most of it. Jen

nina .... said...

ahhh....lounging by the pool...relaxing!! it is wonderful to experience life knowing you kids are happy, and healthy hey!!

N xx

suzitee said...

What a lovely story Linda...and so cool that your kids still want to hang out with you :) Good to have someone to help use up those scrapping supplies too LOL xxx