Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yay I did it

Well finally I took up the courage to sew a LO on my new machine. I say new machine because Andrew bought it for me for christmas two or was it 3 years ago and in that time I discovered scrapping and haven't had my machine out, whenever I do get it out I have to reread the instructions. I admired a LO like this in a magazine about a year ago and never forgot it, so this is my version and I have even gone and used photoshop to enhance the photo and to make my own printed journal tag and yes the chipboard was from the monthly challenge at TM's which I failed cause I got stuck with the bird. Never mind I quite like how this turned out and it is using one of my all time favourite photos.
Don't you just love the holidays-sleep ins, outings,rest, I DO, although I haven't had a sleep in yet. Definately tomorrow.
Have a fun week everyone.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This photo will put a smile on your face

Hi everyone hope that you are all having a great week. I just had to show you all this photo that was taken at school last term. I had told my kids that we all wore purple bras for Pina to raise money for breast cancer (a cause very important to her) they had know idea that i had worn mine on my head. Well I'm a big lady and they only came in one size so where else was I going to wear it? Caitlin & Joe were mortified when I showed them the photo and actually thanked god that they didn't go to school at John Forrest. Little do they know that this photo is in the school newsletter and about to be sent out to all the school community.
I had kept this MM Noteworthy paper for a special reason and just knew that when I saw this photo what papers I would use. The bottom butterfly is actually purple even though it looks pink.
This LO is not going in my album we are going to hang it up in the canteen.
PS..We did raise a bit of money and the kids all thought I was mad who cares it did the trick.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Bloody Monday

I had to have a break from mini albums on the w/e so I did this page instead which I am really pleased with. Sorry got my photos in the wrong order. I just love this paper-my colours to a T.
I used dimensional magic straight on the paper and and Susan you should be impressed i put some beads on it as well.
Overall I love the whole thing as I'm sure my dad will.
Now let me tell you a story about my day today and the odd title I have used. There I was merrily separating hash browns for all the lovely children at school when I stabbed myself with a pair of scissors. Well I have to do a job well, so the scissors went right through my finger to the other side. Not realising this I pulled out the offending blade ..well you should have seen the blood spatter ( i could have been on CSI) all over my shirt all over a tray of hash browns and in one of my bowls of pikelet mix, not to mention all over this stupid glorious hat we have to wear. Suffice to say all went in the bin. And can you believe it because the cut was small but deep all I had to show for my wounds was a bloody T shirt and a band aid...
Have a good week everyone.

Friday, September 19, 2008

One down One to go

YOOO HOOOO Caitlin's album is finally finished and already taken to school to show everyone.
I had a couple of days off scrapbooking as you all know I was sick and for the first time that I can remember since I started scrapping I didn't feel like scrapping and to be honest the thought of having to do another mini album about the same holiday wasn't that exciting. Poor Joe it's not his fault that I did Caitlin's first so with that in mind and some great papers from MM I started Joe's, and to be fair some of his photos are completely different than Caitlin's. Joe can't seem to understand why Caitlin didn't take a photo of this really "cool" speed boat that all the boys saw when they were on the ferry to Manly or why Caitlin didn't take a photo of the sign that looked like a cow was doing a poo, or why Caitlin didn't take a photo of the only RED exit sign in Aus (apparently they are all green-this was a fact that he learnt at parliament house-I will have to take more notice). So you see I have plenty of new material to work with.
Yes I know!!!! I still haven't taken of my date stamp on my camera. (have done it now)
Must apologise for the bad light in these photo's my shadow kept getting in the way. Hope you can see the pages clearly enough. I am using the Halloween papers from Making Memories and when I was in T M's the other day I found this fantastic pack of Topsiders from Pink Paislee that matches my papers so of course I just had to buy it.
That's enough dribble for now,hope you all have a happy and safe weekend..

Friday, September 12, 2008


Hi everyone,
just wanted to share with you my finished easel and show you where I have put it in my house. Smack bang in the entry way so that everyone gets to see it when they walk in. I just love it and the fact that I can change layouts whenever I feel like it. I have done a lot more on Caitlin's album this week, it's nearly finished. Unfortunately we all have the flu me included (yes Clori I can feel your sympathy pouring in) so it's been early nights for me and will be again tonight.
Hope everyone is well and that you all have a great weekend.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Was that the weekend?

Wow this weekend has gone so very quickly, we had a very nice lunch at the Ironbark Brewery for father's day. I recommend the platter it was delish.My dad is away in Dunsborough for the week with my brother so Andrew was the only dad present at our lunch. I just had to show you the mini album now that it is Zuttered (binded) thanks Tracey I never could have done it on my own. I LOVE IT
Don't expect too many posts this week unless you want to see more of the kids school trip (I'm a bit over it at the moment. Poor Joe I haven't even started his yet).
This weekend i have spent painting and inking my easel from Twiddleybitz, boy they are great. Now it is sitting near our entry way greeting everyone who visits. I just love the fact that I can put any layout on it for everyone too see. Can't wait for our anniversary b/c I have done a page of our wedding. (see if Andrew notices).Can't wait for Xmas as i can make a "have a happy Christmas" layout on it and use it as a decoration...OOOOhh my brain is on speed alert thinking of all the things I can put on it.
And yes Susan I actually got out my sewing machine this w/e, alas, not for quilting but for mending.ho hum....
To my friend Jenni now that your Internet is up and running and hopefully you are reading my humble blog I have to talk you into getting a blog so that You can show all my craft ladies the amazing costumes that you make....
That's it for now everyone
Have a great week AHEAD AND ONLY THREE WEEKS UNTIL THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS yippee (this from a mother of teenage children who can look after themselves.And let me rest and scrapbook.)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More of Caitlin's album

Hello everyone. First of all I must apologise for the poor quality of these photo's,the light was very poor and I couldn't be bothered to photo them again (lazy I know) but you can get the gist of them anyway. A big thank you to Susan who has helped me to put the photos in amongst my writing.

Another thanks to Sonia and Tracey who obviously bribed the judges (on my behalf) for this months challenge, I will pay you when I see you. (ha ha).

I had to put this Krispy Kreme page in as everyone is talking about how yummy these donuts are and we had never had one so the kids bought us box 2 big boxes. YUM.

Anyway I have done a load more pages than these but I don't want to bore you with them all so I will just put a few pages in. Must admit that I might have to do a card or a 12 by 12 or something different considering once I have done this one I have to work on Joe's.

That's about it for now.

Take care everyone.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Joe's Album

Here is the front and second last page of Joe's album. I couldn't find and album that I liked in the right colour so i had to make one myself. I got these Zutter covers from TM's and this fabulous new Making memories paper, so now I will have to go back to the shop to bind it with the Zutter and then I can start. Hope you like it, it's fairly simple but Joe likes it and that's the main thing.

Monday, September 1, 2008

No photos today,hopefully tomorrow

Hello everyone, I am busy doing pages for Caitlin's journal and am in the process of making Joe a little album. The glue is still wet so you will have to wait until tomorrow when I can take some photos and hopefully I will have time to post them on the blog. I am using the making memories spellbound range for Joe's album even though it wasn't a Halloween trip they still look good and boyee.
Have a good week everyone.