Monday, July 23, 2012

On the weekend

I went to stamp camp with Tracey and oh what fun we had.

In reality it was at my house and we watched numerous videos and presentations on the big TV via YouTube that was part of Papertrey Inks first ever online Stamp-A-Faire. As it was a camp theme it was suggested we make S'mores and as we can't get the proper crackers I made peanut butter cookies for my sandwich .

Can't say they were my cup of tea, but someone else loved them.

Our first project was a make and take

This was made with the stamp set that was designed especially for summer camp.

Next up was ribbon techniques

So many different techniques with ribbon, we opted for this one that involved a candle and you should see Tracey's it's divine.
Next up mini albums, again heaps of videos and lots of different styled mini albums. We chose this type

Just had to show you these as I bought a little mini instax camera and film just for this event so we made our albums with the little photos in mind. The badges you see we're from the tote bag I purchased from PTI especially for camp. This was the friendship badge.

And last but no means least because it's my absolute favourite was the card set videos. This is what we chose to make

How could you not love this. Thanks Tracey for thinking outside the square (me not much good at that) and coming up with this design.

So to wrap it up, I had an awesome day, loved every minute of it, there are still a ton of videos that we didn't get too-anyone can watch them, thank you Tracey it was a blast and i really hope PTI do this again next year.

If they do, Want to come to my house, you're very welcome.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hmmm if you have been following me for a while or if you know me then you'll know that when it comes to quilting/sewing PERFECT is not a word that I am familiar with. My favourite words would be 'near enough is good enough' NOT in this case though, my quilting on these mugs mats is PERFECT

Have a look

Can you see, here's another one

And another

If you hadn't gathered I am very pleased with myself. I have made six mug mats in all and they are made with the off cut triangles from the table runner I made when the " the Three of Us" got together for a LabelCrew project.

Oh yeah here's another look

Thanks for looking.
Enjoy your night.
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gift Sack

Hi there, hope you're enjoying the weekend.

At work we have a lovely student that helps us serve every recess and lunch, as it's term holidays we thought we would give her some movie tickets and a candy bar voucher to say thanks and to let her know how much we appreciate her help.

Here's how I packaged her gift.

And a close up

Love how it turned out and our student loved her gift.

I am still working on my list and making some progress yay.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.
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Monday, July 9, 2012


Hi there
It's school Holidays here and that means I'm on holidays as well. Yippee.
On the weekend I caught up with Susan and Tracey for a little sewing play date.
Our project of choice was sewing machine covers and oh oh oh I love heart love mine.

The pattern is called "Beyond Measure" by Roslyn Mirrington. I have used Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater fabrics and calico.

Here's another angle with a wonky "h" which gives it some character, don't you think? Oh the girls where aghast that I didn't unpick it. I also added a name label that was leftover from one of my Labelcrew projects.

Here it is in all it's glory backlit with morning sunshine. Oh how I love it and can't stop looking at it.

As per usual the three covers turned out so different, not surprising really as Susan went for her favourite love of bright colours and although Tracey and I used the same fabrics Tracey is making ties instead of side panels.
I love these get togethers so much fun, teasing and laughter and yes sewing. Thanks ladies.

My to do list is very long these holidays, if I get thru half of the list I'll be happy.

One of those things is more posts so hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with another post.

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