Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And so it begins...

Farewell holidays now I must start the countdown until Easter! Only went in to work for a little bit today and then tomorrow, then it begins in earnest on Friday. Tomorrow I have to go Ball dress shopping with Caitlin it seems that all her group have already got their dresses and Caitlin is the last one. Now the expense begins.
Only one LO to share today and I copied this from Susan's blog with subtle differences of course! Just love the way it turned out. Although the owl did stretch me. I tried stamping the hearts in red and that bled everywhere then I tried painting it-not good- so then I finally used the good ol Utee and added collections eyes which i left natural. He looked alright in the end. Question 4 is out and its one that I will really have to think about "when I look into my eyes what do I see......?" You will have to wait for my answer coz I don't know. I will have to go and stare at myself in the mirror and wait for inspiration.
Just have to share this with you, you might get a laugh I certainly DIDN'T.
The other night when I had to pick Caitlin up late I just had to go to the little girls room before I left and there i was with my pants down minding my own business (only had to do no. 1's)when a mouse came out from under our cupboard and ran across my feet, I moved so quick and jerked my arm up so high that I thought I had given myself a heart attack. I tell you, never live across the road from a bush, if its not snakes its mice. Although I am glad it was a mouse not a snake coz I would have really had a heart attack. Anyway Andrew got the trap out and talk about dumb mouse it was caught in about 5 minutes, they really love peanut paste/butter. Well now that you know all about my ablutions I will leave you.
Have a good night.
Xx Linda


Vicki said...

Linda..Ralph was blown away by the connection as well as me. He wants to check out your blog and leave a comment for you soon. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Vicki

suzitee said...

Your LO looks awesome Linda!

Had a good laugh at your mouse story..hee hee

Sorry to hear you have to go back to work, but something has to pay for scrap supplies LOL

Vicki said...

hi Linda

Its me Ralph doing my first ever blog entry!

Vicki told me you guys had put 2 & 2 together, but it was a surprise that I haven't seen you in the shop. However, I do tend to stay away from the all-women scraps - bit dangerous for a mere male!!

Enjoyed your site - especially the play list and photos of your kids. Reminds me that you always liked your music - esp the Frames!

Anyway, will try and catch you at the shop on Sat. Will drop by when Vick tells me its safe!!

All the best, Ralph