Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Uh oh

Hi there
Just thought I would post this before hopefully nothing happens.
About half an hour ago we were sitting out on the balcony and I felt my chair begin to wobble, then the whole balcony, I looked at Andrew and said is this an earthquake, didn't know what to do so I came into our room and sat on the bed, that was worse the whole bed was moving, to say I was/am sh***t scared is an understatement.

Penang did suffer in the 2004 tsunami and now we have just found out that there was a big earthquake in Indonesia again the same place as 2004 and roughly the same size. I think we will be on tsunami alert, and trust me if the water disappears I am out of here. No sleep for me tonight I will be keeping a vigil on the balcony looking at the ocean.


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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Thinking of you and your family Linda! Just looked up the earthquake and it looks like large areas are on tsunami watch tonight. Take care.

Tracey said...

OMG.....I'd be scared too! Stay Safe, put your runners on:)

suzitee said...

OMG. Hopefully it won't amount to anything...fingers crosed!

Jenni said...

I'll be thinking of you all...I wouldn't be sleeping either!!

Tracey said...

OMG I have everything crossed for you. Hopefully nothing will come of it but have those runners close just in case.
Love me :-)

Leena said...

Oh dear, I heard about the big earthquake hitting off Sumatra again! Take care Linda!