Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Label Crew project

Hi there, happy Monday ( not as my husband would say, he hates Monday's)

On Saturday night I caught up with Susan and Tracey, gosh it's been ages since we sewed a label crew project.

We made these cute bags, perfect for my iPad. Just to confuse you all the polka dot one is not Susan's its mine.

Here's some more photos, but before you scroll down I must warn you, I have started my photography course and I love close ups with blurry backgrounds, so there is a few of them,

My bag

Tracey's bag
And wait for it this ones even closer

Susan's bag.

Boy we laughed a lot as we usually do. Thanks girls.

Now on to nothing important but I just read Susan's post and she has made a yummy looking cake which has got my mouth salivating for a piece, as Susan lives nearly an hour away I just cant pop in. Mmmm can I be bothered to whip one up in Joe's new Kitchen Aid chef deluxe thingy, it's seven thirty pm, argh I can't be bothered.but I still feel like something cakey. What's a girl to do? Now Andrew's eating a block of chocolate........I'm going to the craft room.


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suzitee said...

So sorry for making you crave cake... it's soooo yummy, and I would happily share a piece if you were a bit closer...wish you were :(

You are rockin the aperture mode! I had a little play on Sunday...and am loving those blurry backgrounds too! We are just too clever LOL!

Tracey said...

Thanks for a super fun night on Saturday, seriously we must do this again and soon.
I am trying to avoid cakes, chocolate... and my to do list.
Love me :-)

Tiff said...

Those bags are amazing!!!! Fun to do to by the sound of it! X

Tracey said...

Very cute creations Linda! Love the photo' it an on line course you are doing? I like my background blurry too, but its not happening:)

Stephanie said...

SO cute - they really are great Linda! Hope you're well :) x