Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holiday 3

A break today from food.

When we walk out on to the road from our hotel we are smack bang in the middle of the night markets. Ya gotta love that. They go for at least a kilometre so I am getting some exercise, there and back that's two k's and not counting the k's one walks around massive shopping centres.

Here's some pics of the night markets

Yep that's Caitlin in a bag stall

Joe loves snap back hats as you will see in the following photo. The stall owner is really great we can now get rock bottom good quality stuff as joe has brought so much

Told ya

As we were having dinner last night this is what we saw across the road

If you tap on the photo and look just above the green roof you can see a monkey, there was a whole family of them with little babies.

So that's your little tour for today, see I can do a post without food.
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Location:Jalan Teluk Bahang,Ayer Itam,Malaysia


suzitee said...

Fun fun fun! What is Joe going to do with so many hats? And what have you been spending on? What fun (did I say that already? LOL)

Tracey said...

OMG.......Jordyn would be in heaven in that bag store! I'm sure they would be heaps cheaper than the LV's she bought in New York. Love all the hats......how funny.

Tracey said...

OMG I am soooooo jealous, stop it.
love me :-)

Leena said...

Omg! That's a whole lot of hats! Hahaha! I think he can open a store back home now. ;) Oh, monkeys are a common sight in Penang, they're so many of them!