Sunday, April 8, 2012

Georgetown, Penang

Today we walked and walked and yeah walked. It was so hot all of the locals were inside only us dunderheads were outside.

This is a walk we have been meaning to do on our previous seven visits but never got around to. Now it's done.

This street is called Campbell St, better known as China Town as it was Sunday most shops were closed ( not the big shopping centres just the street shops) which was fine by me.

Picture if you will, cars and motorbikes all jammed in around these umbrellas, that's how it usually is.

Oops there's one with me in it, the top of this building was amazing

Ok that's enough of that, then we had to go and try a Malaysian high tea, this is what you get

Plus this cute coffee

Sorry couldn't resist had to do a post with some food in it.

No Easter eggs or chocolate bunnies though, haven't seen one.
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suzitee said...

Loving all these photos...almost feels like I'm there! Ha... I wish :) Seems like you've been gone for ages...I miss you!

Tracey said...

I'm with Susan, miss you heaps but loving all the photo's. Glad to see you in one. Hot Cross Bun eating fest going superamoondo.
love me :-)

Leena said...

I love all of your pictures taken on the street in Penang! Make me missed that place so much and the food too!! Hope you get to savor all the local delights and ate some on my behalf too! Hahahaha! I think I really need to make another trip to Penang again, soon I hope. ;)