Monday, April 9, 2012

This ones for Susan

Hello again,
I just have to share this photo from our walk yesterday. When I saw it I said 'joe joe quick take a photo of this for Susan ).
Susan loves polka dots, so here you go just for you

A polka dot public phone.

Here's one of my favourite photos

And Joe had about his fifth plate of these for lunch

One of only a few restaurants that sell pork. The hotels are all halal so no pork, lots of turkey bacon and beef bacon though.

More shopping today, I actually bought a top for myself and tomorrow we have to go and buy another suitcase, luckily we paid for a luggage upgrade.

Am itching to get home now and play with some paper (although one has been on holidays, one has still managed to do a bit of craft online shopping- insert sigh/laugh here...from Susan and Tracey, so there will be some packages waiting for me when I get home, plus an amazing giveaway that I won which I will share when I am home.

Not home yet though we still have a few more days of luxury left.
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Location:Jalan Batu Ferringghi,Air Itam,Malaysia


Stephanie said...

Goodness, just had a quick catch up on your blog & your holiday photo's have left me green with envy - looks like you are having a fantastic time & glad to hear you are feeding your crafting addiction too lol xxx

suzitee said...

That phone box is RIDICULOUSLY cute... I want one! I can't believe you are online shopping LOL... that's addiction for you :) enjoy your last few days!

Tracey said...

OMG online shopping LMAO. You really do need to step away from the computer.
love me :-)

Leena said...

Hahahaha! I was tickled when I saw the phone booth. What a cool way to paint them polka dots! Good to know you're able to shop online, isn't it amazing internet follows us everywhere? ;)
Oh oh, the package is already on their way to you. Hope you'll receive them soon! ;D Hope you'll like them.