Thursday, April 12, 2012


All safe and sound, thanks for your concern.
The tsunami ended up being .3 of a meter so just a little wave thank god.

At one stage I had got our passports and all the water bottles I could find in a bag ready to flee. Haven't bought my new joggers yet so I would have had to do a runner in my flip flops.

Catch up on some sleep today I think plus a wee bit of shopping, we leave very late tomorrow night.

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Tracey said...

so so very happy all is okay
Love me :-)))

suzitee said...

Phew alright!!! So glad uou are ok. Is that on an earlier flight than you had planned?

Leena said...

So glad to hear you and your family are safe and sound! Have a safe trip home!

Tiff said...

Glas to hear all is OK!!! Enjoy the rest of your hols! X