Sunday, April 22, 2012

Photo or Postcard?

Good evening

When going thru our holiday snaps I came across this one that Joe took.

Doesn't it look like a postcard to you? I think it's a fabulous photo and I just had to do a lay out with it.
The photo says Penang to me, the street and the heritage buildings, the trishaws that you see amongst the busy traffic, you'll see a very old tumble down building and right next to it will be a super modern new building. This is in Georgetown which is the capital of Penang.

Now on to something different
If you are ever in Perth and you visit the Burswood hotel complex you must stop at their coffee shop and buy one ( ha if you can stop at one) of these

In my opinion THE BEST shortbread in the world. Far better than anything I can make, I have asked/pleaded/begged Joe to get me the recipe. So whenever we go the to the Burswood I have to make a little detour to get me a couple of these.

I hope your week is wonderful, mine will be a mixed bag, joe's Thermomix is arriving with a personal demo, joe is having a small procedure on his toe, more packing at nanas, back to work for me, drinks with friends, Anzac day, oh it's going to be a busy week.

Have fun

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Lucky Joe getting a Thermomix - it looks like an amazing machine! It would be great to be able to grind sugar to make your own icing sugar.

Enjoy the last of your holidays.

Jenni said...

Yay Joe! Have fun with your Thermomix! Hey you'll have to make your Mum some Mulled Wine now that the cooler nights are upon us.

Tracey said...

I saw that layout the other night and I totally love it. Its going to look great in your album.
love me :-)

suzitee said...

How cool will a Thermomix be? Imagine the things you can make! I'm jealous...but am happy to taste test anything you make :)