Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Cooking

Well when I say "some cooking" I mean these, all 6 dozen of them. I also made a really easy no bake hedgehog slice that only had 5 ingredients in it and horror of horrors it didn't turn out. I like to think that i am a very good cook so when something that's seems pretty easy doesn't turn out i get frustrated. We now have a slice tin full of crushed biscuits,cocoa, butter and sugar that hasn't set and is just all crumbly. Poor Andrew he does love hedgehog and i was going to surprise him with this , oh well he will just have to have a mini cup cake. Other than that no craft done today as it was cleaning day and both my children were home so the house got cleaned really quick. I so love holidays when they are here to help :)
Caitlin is going out tonight and I thought that we should have an adult conversation on when I should pick her up, Caitlin said 12 I said 11 Caitlin countered with 11.30 and i feel exhausted already so what time do you think i should pick her up?
Her friend came to visit her today, she has just got her licence and is out and about and this made me think that the next couple of months will be our last having Caitlin home as our little girl (if you know what i mean) when she gets her licence she will be going here there and everywhere without any of us so i had better not grumble about taking her here and there.
It does make you think (I know what i was like at her age always out never home-remember Jen?) we will be entering another phase of our life.
Anyway having said all that I will definitely get some crafting done tonight as i have to stay up late :0)
Have a good night everyone
Thanks for visiting
xx Linda


suzitee said...

Your cupcakes look delicious! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!
Cherish her while you have her, I say :) and I will try to remember your words when I am wishing mine would grow up a bit LOL!
Have a great weekend xxx

Jenni said...

Looking delish...
And yes, I do remember what we got up to back then! I reckon if you are prepared to pick her up at 11.00, you say to her 10.30 and when she counters at 11.00 you (reluctantly) agree! She thinks she's won and you got what you wanted too! Win/Win eh?

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your chocolate mini muffins look delicious!! That will be me next week - I am doing some of the catering for my dad's 70th so will be cooking up a storm. My oldest is nearly 15 - driving lessons etc is all starting to seem very close.