Thursday, April 16, 2009

Definately not a PERFECTIONIST

Now all you sew-ers (I had to put that little line in because sewers looks like the garbage sewer if you get wht i mean) out there in particular Jenni (Mummy daughter time),Susan (stitch scrap sew) and Lisa (from A Spoonful of sugar) please don't have palpitations when you see my version of pot holders. They don't have binding and they don't have a loop (because I don't use the loop) and they are not perfectly square but the fabric is pretty cute and i have lots more :0) They are thick enough and work well-i just tested them out- and from the scraps I made these coffee coasters, for much neater ones you need to look at Jenni's blog Jens are perfect. Great for using left over scraps.
That's all today plan to do some baking tomorrow
Have a good night
xx Linda
PS Joe has saved up enough money for a new I Pod touch so we are going shopping


suzitee said...

Hey...I'm just jealous that you got to do some sewing! They look fine to me ;)
Enjoy your cooking xxx

Jenni said...

They look just perfect to me Linda. Well done.....when are you going to make a dress!!!?!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Pretty and practical! Look slike you put them to use fairly quickly!