Monday, April 27, 2009

A Good Cause

Tomorrows Memories are putting together a collage of words to raise money for the cancer foundation. You are given this little chipboard rectangle with some paper and all you have to do is put a word on it and decorate it any way you like. Here is my sample. Very simple, it only costs $2.00 (i think cant remember) but not much anyway so if you get time give it a go.
You do have to be completed by Thursday of this week. For more inspiration have a look at Susans blog.

Joe's FESA Cadet unit was given the opportunity to march in the ANZAC day parade in the city this year. What an honour it was for them. Seeing my dad couldn't march this year it was a double honour for Joe.

I stayed home and watched the march on the ABC and made about 80 ANZAC biscuits. (Sorry blurry photo again) All ready to eat when they got back.

I have been working on another mini album that is nearly finished and was so easy hopefully I will get it finished and have it on my blog later today. So watch this space.



suzitee said...

You go girl! What a gorgeous little it! You should be very proud of Joe, and what an honour for him. Anzac biscuits...yuuuuuummmmmmmm!
p.s. thanks for the did you do that?

Jenni said...

Nice idea for the Cancer council.
I'm glad Joe wants to do the Anzac march each year!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Well done Joe - what a great Anzac tradition! Your biscuits look delicious - they are one of my favourites!