Monday, April 13, 2009

Some BLURRRRY Photos

Wow I think for once that I managed to get my photo's in the order that i want them. They are blurry though so be warned.
I just had to take a photo of all these lovely eggs that my mother in law blew and painted, i should have turned them around so instead of seeing all of our initials you see her beautiful painting. Not bad for an 82 y o Huh. Now here come the blurry ones my hand was shaking (don't know why) any way it's the front cover to Caitlin's ball photos -if you can't read:) all bound with the Zutter., and using Basic Grey Porcelain that I have been saving just for this album
Now the first page, the invitation is actually creased that is not my poor photography.I actually quite enjoyed this inking and tearing and coffee dying it's a bit plain but it will do. I am going in order of the day/night so next will be the makeupless Caitlin getting her hair done.

Last but not least and this one is really blurry a quick card that I made using a transparency sheet it doesn't look too bad not that you can tell here.

Anyway I hope that you all had a happy Easter and that you didn't eat too many chocolates. I have already started on my holiday cooking list-the cutlets are all crumbed and in the freezer. Tomorrow, I have to MYSELF so I am going to TM"s to "browse" and chat and then home to have a meeting with my sewing machine.
Happy Holidays Everyone.

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suzitee said...

Your album is looking "WOW" so far, and well done on breaking out the Bind-It-All! The BG is looking fabulous too...can't wait to see more!
What are you planning to sew????