Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pure Indulgence

I have just come back from an hour or so and a coffee and lots of talking and some buying at Tomorrow's Memories and I couldn't wait to try out my new Hero Arts design block stamp. So here is a quick card that I have just made. I have also got out the sewing machine (although I only turned the light on for your benefit) and its all ready to go, but first I have to mend the dreaded PHATT pants.
Now for the real indulgent bit.......
I cant believe that I am showing you this.....
And if you all read yesterdays blog you will know that I have the whole day to myself so.....
Who is coming to afternoon tea? you might ask. NO ONE its all mine.
so I am going to have this little tea party on my own (don't worry I am happy with my own company-glad to have time to myself) and then I will have a go at the sewing and then I will have to come back into my craft room to play with the rest of the goodies i bought today.

Enjoy your day everyone. I AM ENJOYING MINE.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a treat to have the day to yourself! Your latest card looks great.

suzitee said...

SOOOOOOO jealous...but I can't decide about what the most! The shopping by yourself...or the sewing machine just waiting to stitch...or the yummy looking afternoon tea! The card is really lovely too...keep showing us what's keeping you busy!

Jenni said...

Love that card! And those scones look yummy.....hope you enjoyed your day.

Sonya Thair said...

Ooohh! Now Linda you could have brought those scones in with you and stayed a little longer. I would have helped you eat them and you would have had company!!

Love the card with you new stamp. Its great to see you use so many of your stamps lately.

Hope your day turned out good. It was great to see you.

Have a great week.