Thursday, April 23, 2009

Handbag Tidy

When I saw this handbag tidy advertised in one of the Kaisercraft workshops I just knew that I had to do one for my friend Jenni. Jenni always makes her own handbags so I thought that her sewing room might need a little place to put her pens and scissors etc.
My DH liked it so much that he has requested one for our house "to replace that horrid black thing that we use now".
Other than that I have been experimenting with stamping techniques that are on the Hero Arts blog and I made two more pot holders today although one was that bad that if i was in year 8 doing Clothing & Fabric (that's what it was called when I was at school) I would have failed. Boy it was bad. AND with that I packed the sewing machine away and maybe it might come out next holidays.
On another note Tomorrows Memories (where I do all of my scrapbook shopping) is turning 5 next month and they are having a RED CARPET scrap to celebrate. Jenni is making my outfit so I went and had a fitting on Monday its all coming along very nicely.
Well that's all for tonight. Hope you are all well.


suzitee said...

Love your little handbag, and I'm sure Jenni will too! Hope you are going to share pics of your red carpet outfit...what fun!

P.S. I am trying very hard to ignore the mess in my house...hope you can too xxxxx

丽英 said...
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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a fun storage idea!

Tracey said...

Love the little bag, its just so cute and I am sure that Jenni will be thrilled.
Can't wait to see your outfit at the red carpet moonlight, I will be working and can't wait to see everyone.
I will ring you a little later to see if the kettle will be on about 2 this arvo. I can't wait to catch up, haven't see you in ages.

Jenni said...

Linda, I really LOVE it! I've just come back from Busselton and posted on my blog about it for you. It's may favourite shade of green too!