Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Have To Get One Of These

Or should I say, " do I really want one of these?"
It's the new thing from Provo Craft its a binder and a laminator in one, it looks really easy but do I really need one?

Now cupcakes are all of the rage now and have been for some time, whilst blog hopping on the American cupcake sites (which is unbelievable) I came across a list of worldwide cup cake stores and can you believe it we have one here. It is in Dalkeith, a bit of a journey but here is the link go and have a look. YUM.

Now here is a card that I copied from a lovely magazine that Susan lent me. I didn't have any Thickers left but when i was cleaning out my room the other day i found some sheets of flock (another thing that is in at the minute) so I used my cricut to cut out the words but let me tell you it was a real pain i.t.a. trying to get the backing of. When i showed DH the finished product he said "is it meant to have the torn paper?" DUH you gotta love em....

Here's a set of Debbie Mumm applique that I did a couple of years ago and i also found them in my cupboard so i stuck them on my wall (you gotta love blu tak) but yes I know I should make sleeves and hang them properly.

Now last year I participated in a little swap where we had to decorate some dress forms. The ones I got back are incredible but what do you do with them? They have been sitting in the same box ever since until i looked at this empty bit of wall and thought that they might fit here so now they also are blu tacked on my wall.

Well I have waffled on enough for one night i am now going to turn around and potter at my craft desk. Don't forget that mother's day is fast approaching and we should all start making our cards or prezzies. Or if you still have little ones at primary school start thinking about what crafty things you can make for the mothers day stall. Now, that time has passed for me and maybe i am a little bit glad b/c our primary school didn't have good mothers day stalls-everyone just sent in whatever-then the kids got to buy something. Caitlin came home very proudly with a bottle of green nail polish for me. If that wasn't bad enough it was only half full and had already been used. But she was so excited and had wrapped it herself. And if you are wondering NO i do not still have it.


Jenni said...

Linda, I LOVE those dress forms! And if you ever get sick of them.....yes please

suzitee said... DO NOT need a laminator, or a new binding machine! (did that work???)
Shame shame shame about the bluetac hanging those pictures! Can I "challenge" you to hang them properly?
The dress forms look great, and I love your card xxx

Vicki said...

Great to see you yesterday Linda! enjoy the last of the school holidays!
PS. I love where you put the dress forms.

Tracey said...

You have been busy sticking things on your wall. I love the dress forms and really should get mine up as well.
Sorry but I am still on the slice "challenge" you cheeky thing, so you will have to do the house first and then I will copy you. I like that idea.
Love the card too. Are you around Saturday, thought I might call in for that cuppa.
Have a great day love me :-)