Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not Quite Finished????

Well hi everyone, what an eventful week I have had what with my work place (John Forrest High School) being on the news (it even made the morning show) honestly it's not that bad and I can honestly say that there has not been a fight at school for ages. I hope that you all are enjoying the week so far-yippee it's Friday tomorrow and my kids are going to clean the house from top to bottom whilst I am at work so that I can go Christmas shopping on Saturday. All I have to do now is teach them how to iron and I will be set. Here is a LO that I really enjoyed doing and I think it came out with a bit of a funky finish. I am thinking that I should do some nice big cross stitches in pink here and there what do you think.? This is just one of those LO's that I can add and add to. Again I am using Basic Grey (maybe I should apply for a job there as I always seem to gravitate towards their papers) and of course more of my Craft Queen ribbons.
Well I will leave you with this reminder that it is CHRISTMAS 4 weeks today.......
Remember to try and laugh once a day it makes you feel great.


suzitee said...

I haven't seen the news this week...what's happened at JF? (Yes, I DO live under a mushroom most of the time LOL)
Love your new LO, and I think I like it just the way it is!
Good luck with the Christmas shopping xxx

Nina said...

i can understand why you gravitate towards the BG pp's...they are totally yummy. I love you colourful LO too.

suzitee said...

Me again! You've been tagged...visit my blog for details :)