Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Christmas Angel

I got home from work today totally exhausted and when I walked in the door Caitlin (who is on holidays) was doing all of my ironing. WOW. I cant tell you how excited this made me feel, this was better than any present anyone could have given me. I've never taught Caitlin how to iron so this was a first for her and I am a very lucky mum.
I just wanted to share with you my special Christmas angel brooch that my friend Karen made for me when we were in Port Hedland, isn't she gorgeous? Any Christmas party I go to she is worn proudly and I must say that I have made a few myself so if anyone wants the pattern let me know. I just had to show you my present for Joe's PCG (form) teacher. I made some more of Tracey's wonderful Christmas houses and I am going to put them in this pretty box with a box of choccies-hope she likes them-she is a special teacher.
Well that's it for now short and sweet I am of to cook dinner, have a good night.


suzitee said...

Good to see you back blogging again...I missed you :)
What an awesome thing for Caitlin to do (wish I had an ironing fairy LOL). Love your little houses, and your Christmas angel is pretty cute too :)

Nina said...

what a sweet daughter...and your projects look lovely!

Tracey said...

I love the box idea for the little houses, its wonderful.
I wish someone would do my ironing ha ha ha.
Have a great week :-)