Monday, November 3, 2008

Flat Out

Well hello as per usual it has been a busy time and my blogging has been neglected although I have been reading everyone else's. Here is my double LO of Joe's trekking expedition and again they are in the wrong order. This is the second page. The first for me on this page is inking with bubble wrap I have never done that before. And here is the first page, I used Basic Grey Granola range. I have to say that BG is in my top 3 at the moment,just loving all their new papers. The first for me on this page is the ribbon tie-ing thing. I thought this was where you are meant to use your scraps.HUH it took so much ribbon that I had to go into my preshus Craft Queen stock. I like to keep them and look at them (a bit like the 300 or so fat quarters I have stashed away b/c they are too nice to use-but now they are kinda out of date).
Has everyone started christmas shopping yet or are you a late one like me. I have to do mine fairly late b/c if I buy my presents too early I cant hold on to them and I have to give them to that person straight away so then I have to go out and get them another prezzy so I haven't started yet.
A friend just gave me a voucher to TM's so guess what girls expect to c me soon b/c its burning a hole in my wallet.
Take care and have a good week.


suzitee said...

Missed you last week! Glad you got a chance to scrap...and use NEW techniques, no less!! The bubble wrap looks cool, and I agree...the ribbon tying takes up heaps of ribbon. Don't save your goodies, USE them! I have a whole stack of "special" papers that I couldn't bear to use, and now they look SOOOOO dated. Get into them LOL!
I have started squirreling away some pressies :) but have LOTS more to go. School breaks up late this year, so you'd better not leave the shopping too long!

Have a great week xxx

Jo Kay said...

Love the layouts Linda - gotta love Granola!
Don't get me started on Christmas shopping - I have soooooo much to do!!
Jo :)