Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm a bad girl

Yep I sure am. I ordered two new cartridges for my cricut the other day that were meant to be Christmas pressies from everyone to me. I picked them up from TM's on Friday and do you think that I could just wrap them up and put them away. NO WAY. So of course I had to use them and see what they were like. This LO has used some features from the Going Places which is my new favourite at the moment. It's fantastic. I also got Indie Art which will be fabulous for any boy LO's.Now I will just have to buy myself something else for Christmas he he. My dad looks so different now as he did in this photo. He has lost so much weight and has aged quite a lot but we had good news from the Oncologist on Thursday. He doesn't want to see dad for another 4 months which is great cause that means he will be with us for Christmas and hopefully Easter. Yes, each day is precious make sure you make the most of each one.
Just got in from another driving lesson with Caitlin-she did very well. When we got home she stayed in the car to change the time on the clock, she had been gone for a while so I went to see what she was doing. Well instead of reading the headings she saw a picture of a clock in the manual and thought this must be the change the time page and proceeded to do as they instructed. What she had actually done was set the security feature for the car stereo and now nothing works-the radio (oh no) or the clock-now we have to take it to a Toyota dealer to get it reset. Needless to say she is in her room crying and I am pdd off as I will have to be the one to take the car to the dealers. So its a happy time here. Oh well you get that.
Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday and hope that you all have a great week
Take care
Linda :)

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suzitee said...

OH NO Linda! Sounds like you need some of my chocolate fudge :) What a bummer about the car.
I love your new LO, and am pleased that your Dad is doing so well. That's a great Christmas present in itself.
If it makes you feel any better, my Slice was meant to be wrapped up under the tree too...ooops!!!!
Have a great week xxxx