Thursday, November 20, 2008


Only last month I was saying to the girls at work that I wished Sony would bring out an ABBA singstar game...Well hello....... guess what was released today. So after I picked Caitlin up from her exam we rushed down to our Kmart store and got a copy (Morley had already sold out). And guess what I have been doing all afternoon. I cant believe that Caitlin beat me on every song-not fair-these are songs from my childhood. Andrew could here us outside when he pulled up from work so I can just imagine what anyone walking by thought.. Joe shut himself in his room with his headphones on. We had a ball anyway.
I am going to do a bit of scrapping now so have a good night everyone.


Vicki said...

What a great way for Caitlin to relax after her exam! Who was having more or her?? We should talk to Tracey about some ABBA music at a Moonlight.....

suzitee said...

OMG...we are a bit excited by this news! I have recently introduced my children to ABBA, and they love them! No need to guess what will be on our Santa list LOL.