Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crash and Burn

Well hi there everyone my computer died last night and my son Joe has grudgingly let me use his laptop. I didn't think that I could post anything on someone else's PC but it has let me so there you go. Now posting a LO will be difficult as the printer/scanner is attached to my PC so don't expect any posts until my computer is fixed.
Luckily I backed up my 1400 photos onto disc yesterday (maybe that is what made it crash). I love that part of Adobe photoshop-when you download a certain no of photos it tells you to do a back up and then does it all for you.
So if my PC has died at least I still have all my photos.
Well that's all for now as Joe is having withdrawal symptoms from a lack of Runescape time on his laptop.


suzitee said...

OH NO Linda! I'll miss chatting to you :(
Hope all is fixed REALLY soon (and it doesn't cost you too much money!)A timely reminder to back up my photos too. Thanks Joe, for letting your Mum use your laptop xxx

Nina said...

geez Linda, i hate it when my computer crashes...hope you can get it all sorted soon!!

and you have reminded me to back up my photos too....thanks