Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'mmmmm Baaaack

Wow if you ever need help with your computer go to Net Solutions on Russell Road Morley. They fixed my computer whilst I waited it took 10 minutes the part was $79.00 and labour was $10.00. You cant beat that.
Now here was my dilemma that Tracey knows all about. I have been dreaming of the making memories slice machine (I know most people dream about holidays and their husbands, But I am a bit strange-you already know that)you also know that I have to have everything that is out and current so here I am going into the MM site daily and reading up and watching the demos etc, then I thought what about my cricut as I already have 6 cartridges and alas I have decided to spend the $300.00 on more cartridges and tools for my cricut. So those of you who are getting a slice (I'm jealous) but happy with my decision. Now I have been reading up on the cricut and do you know that it can make acrylic stamps Ha Ha Ha I will be in my element, whenever the technology gets to Aus that is.
Well I have to go and pick up the kids but I have a LO to post this evening so I will be back blogging in a couple of hours.
xx Linda

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suzitee said...

Welcome back...and what fantastic service! Must remember that :)
I wouldn't be worrying about the Slice when you have a Cricut! How much die-cutting do you really need? You can come and play with my Slice when I get it if you like...if you've watched all the tutorials, you can teach me how to use it!