Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hello again everyone, I hope that you all are having a great weekend.

My photos are all over the place today sorry about that. Joe arrived home from his Trekking yesterday afternoon 2 hours late and very tired. Here is a photo of one of their camp sites. He had a ball and already they are planning next years which is going to Broome and will take 2 weeks. Two weeks of school! Joe will be in that in a flash. I have got 2 LO's for you today and both of them I have copied from other people, this one came from the recent issue of SC and was a LO by Julie Heard I just love the way it has turned out. I even digitally altered my photos and used some old papers that I thought I would never use. Caitlin hates the photo of her and says "why did you have to use that one!?"

Back to Joe's Trek again and here we are in Bunbury with Joe's dream car, this one apparently cost $148,000 as everything is custom made. Imagine the fuel bill for this car. He got to sit in it so he was very happy.

Last but not least is a christmas LO which I had to copy from Susan (stitch scrap sew) hers was so good, and mine has turned out completely different as I didn't have any christmas ribbon in the right colours so I used buttons and mine ended up in a different place. I am still very happy with the final result.

Well it's the end of another week I hope that all is well in your world, stay safe and have a great week.


suzitee said...

Awww...thanks Linda xxx Yours turned out the buttons! Sometimes the Santa photos can be so hard to scrap. The other one looks fantastic too-there is absolutely nothing wrong with scraplifting to get your mojo happening, and your LO usually turns out quite different anyway.
Glad Joe made it home safe and sound, and he's found his dream car (hope he has started saving LOL).
Have a great week at work xxx

Nina said...

i love your scraplifted LO's Linda...the one of the house caught my eye too in have done a fab job with both LO's.

ooohh...& what a dream car....with a price tag like whoa!!

Nina xx