Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ok four days in a row

Well hello again.
I just had to show you my card I made
love love love it

Every week the Silhouette Online Store has a free shape you can download and use. This week it's a Thanksgiving card, for once I thought outside my little box as I am a visual person this doesn't happen often and turned it into a Christmas card.

Here's the pieces I cut out

And here's the finished card

Kinda looks better IRL
Here's another view

So so easy
Well I'm now well and truly blogged out
Thanks for visiting
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Tracey said...

I love it too Linda......very Pretty! I'm wondering about a silhouette? What your favourite thing about it over the cricut:)

suzitee said...

Love love love it! I'm starting to get tempted to buy one.... NOOOOOOOOO! Nice job xxx