Thursday, October 25, 2012

Block of The Month

I am likey likey this programming function on blogger. Usually i post from my iPad but today (being Sunday) and i have some free time i am on my Mac instead and doing a week load of posts oh this is fun. See when i don't post for a while it doesn't mean that i haven't been crafty it just means that i have been too lazy to post. And now with my baby driving (oh more grey hairs) i hopefully will have extra time to post.
Anyway DIGRESSING as usual
I really only wanted to share my last block from my monthly block quilt (another collection)
Its titled Breezy Afternoon by Angela Hoey.
"Look"," look" every point matches, i really take my time with these and ensure everything is perfect (ha thats not a word that goes with me and sewing).
I love these colours-way out of my normal choice
I love just doing one block at a time
I even love cutting out, ok no i don't i cant lie
I dont mind that to complete a quilt this way it costs more but thats ok Im having fun.
I love that i don't know what the next block will look like.

I'm just enjoying this whole block of the month thing.

Going thru my photos now to see if there is any other crafty goodness i have not posted and if there's not i feel like doing a LO so see ya.

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