Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From my desk

Hello one and all it's been a while I know.
Yay clap clap I have finished a project that has been sitting on my desk since last December.
A journal of Caitlin's trip to Bali.

Oh my kids are well trained they keep me all bits and pieces, like this headband.

It really was easy, just glue and stick with a bit of washi tape and some stamping.

Love these Amy Tan books.

So there is one less "thing" on my desk to finish. Just as well really because they have booked to go again this year, oh dear more grey hairs for poor mama and did I mention grey hairs, Joe has 15 days left of being a L driver then he's out on the road.

Hopefully my next post won't take as long as the last one.
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suzitee said...

This little album is such a perfectamoondo size for documenting Caitlin's trip...love that you've kept it simple, it looks great xxx

Tracey said...

Totally love, love, love this album. Its so cute in real life. Thanks for a wonderful crafty day catchup.
love me :-)

Tiff said...

What a lovely album, well done! It does feel good to finish something that has been on the go for a bit! Happy week! X

dawn said...

What a cute little album. I love mini's and adding fun stuff into them. Great job on it!! Way to go on training your kids to SAVE things for you, mine do too.

Thanks so much for the comment on my homecoming post. Big thanks for letting me know our friend is doing better, so glad your there with her. HUGS!!