Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fig Tree Club

Hi all how are you? We down under in Perth are having a beautiful Sunday, its warming up and some people are lucky to have husbands who love gardening so their wives can sit inside and craft or blog or whatever. Any way as per usual i digress, this is not a post about gardening.
I am a collector as you all probably know by now. I collect tools, paper, machines, kitchen stuff, craft stuff oh just about everything. Sometimes...OK a lot of the times i just like to collect stuff like this Fig Tree Quilt club that i am a member of. Every quarter each year i get sent a kit and the intention is to turn the kit into a quilt.Hmmm here comes the collect part, when one gets busy as you do you don't get time to make the said kit so you quickly get a collection of
which soon becomes two
and then becomes three
and then before you know it you have six or seven. Well i thought instead of collecting i would actually make one. One of the kits was a table runner and as i love table runners and they are relatively quick and easy right i would zip one up. Ha not the case i had to choose the kit with teeny tiny triangles and lots of cutting out and lots of sewing so it sat under the dining table for months half cut out, then i decided enough is enough and gave it a fair old whack (that's Aussie for trying to finish) and get it done
hence i will now introduce you to Fig Trees Club Pattern No19 March 2012 Button and Blooms.
and from another angle
and here's a block for you to see
this kit even comes with the backing, so pretty
so all i have to do now is sandwich it, quilt it and bind it, that shouldn't take me long right? Yeah!!!! In all honesty i was going to start today but alas not enough wadding.
And when i have got nothing else to do i can always start on one in my collection And guess what? I am due to get another one at the end of this month. Oh i love Fig Tree.

hope you have a great week
love me.


suzitee said...

LOL Linda...I think we are all a bit guilty of "collecting". I LOVE the way this tablerunner has come is divine! Well done you! Hopefully it will inspire you to make up another of your kits :)

Tracey said...

Well done! I love it. I did get a good laugh at your "collecting" admission. If people only new how bad it really is LOL.
Can't wait to see the next one hint! hint!

dawn said...

Thanks for the funny post, we are all guilty of collecting something.

So glad you put this together though, it's BEAUTIFUL!! Such a cute name for this one too.

I hope you will do more, hint hint!!!

What a cool card below, love all the trims and Christmas color on it.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, you should do thankful leaves too.
Have a good week.

Norma said...

Hello my sweet friend:) How are you?? OMG! your runner is just beautiful!! I'm off to see your other projects that I've missed:) Have a fantastic day!!
Big Hugs,