Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not Quite Finished????

Well hi everyone, what an eventful week I have had what with my work place (John Forrest High School) being on the news (it even made the morning show) honestly it's not that bad and I can honestly say that there has not been a fight at school for ages. I hope that you all are enjoying the week so far-yippee it's Friday tomorrow and my kids are going to clean the house from top to bottom whilst I am at work so that I can go Christmas shopping on Saturday. All I have to do now is teach them how to iron and I will be set. Here is a LO that I really enjoyed doing and I think it came out with a bit of a funky finish. I am thinking that I should do some nice big cross stitches in pink here and there what do you think.? This is just one of those LO's that I can add and add to. Again I am using Basic Grey (maybe I should apply for a job there as I always seem to gravitate towards their papers) and of course more of my Craft Queen ribbons.
Well I will leave you with this reminder that it is CHRISTMAS 4 weeks today.......
Remember to try and laugh once a day it makes you feel great.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm a bad girl

Yep I sure am. I ordered two new cartridges for my cricut the other day that were meant to be Christmas pressies from everyone to me. I picked them up from TM's on Friday and do you think that I could just wrap them up and put them away. NO WAY. So of course I had to use them and see what they were like. This LO has used some features from the Going Places which is my new favourite at the moment. It's fantastic. I also got Indie Art which will be fabulous for any boy LO's.Now I will just have to buy myself something else for Christmas he he. My dad looks so different now as he did in this photo. He has lost so much weight and has aged quite a lot but we had good news from the Oncologist on Thursday. He doesn't want to see dad for another 4 months which is great cause that means he will be with us for Christmas and hopefully Easter. Yes, each day is precious make sure you make the most of each one.
Just got in from another driving lesson with Caitlin-she did very well. When we got home she stayed in the car to change the time on the clock, she had been gone for a while so I went to see what she was doing. Well instead of reading the headings she saw a picture of a clock in the manual and thought this must be the change the time page and proceeded to do as they instructed. What she had actually done was set the security feature for the car stereo and now nothing works-the radio (oh no) or the clock-now we have to take it to a Toyota dealer to get it reset. Needless to say she is in her room crying and I am pdd off as I will have to be the one to take the car to the dealers. So its a happy time here. Oh well you get that.
Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday and hope that you all have a great week
Take care
Linda :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Only last month I was saying to the girls at work that I wished Sony would bring out an ABBA singstar game...Well hello....... guess what was released today. So after I picked Caitlin up from her exam we rushed down to our Kmart store and got a copy (Morley had already sold out). And guess what I have been doing all afternoon. I cant believe that Caitlin beat me on every song-not fair-these are songs from my childhood. Andrew could here us outside when he pulled up from work so I can just imagine what anyone walking by thought.. Joe shut himself in his room with his headphones on. We had a ball anyway.
I am going to do a bit of scrapping now so have a good night everyone.

Monday, November 17, 2008

4 weeks and 3 days

No I am not going to do a day by day countdown but I was stuck for a title. Here is another LO I whipped up using my BG Granola range. My BF and I had our children around the same time and they have grown up together. When I was flicking through my photos I came upon these ones of the children when they were little. Time goes by so fast it's gone before you realise it. Andrew and I are approaching our 20th wedding anniversary next month, my mum couldn't believe it when I told her. It seems like only yesterday so I can imagine how old my mum feels when I tell her things like that.
Have a nice night everyone and thanks again for taking the time to read my ramblings.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

4 weeks and 4 days

Yep, that's right 4 weeks and 4 days of school left and I am not counting. Caitlin technically finished school on Friday she just has 4 exams to do now spread out over 10 days.OMG then she is in year 12. Well we went driving today and Andrew came with us, we actually ventured out onto Marshall road and had to go up to 80km's I was hanging on tight.Then Tracey we were up in your neighbourhood we made it up to Glenview shops. Boy was I glad to get home. Caitlin says that she is never having driving lessons with her dad.(I did warn her) I think that I will just brave the roads around here with her until she has proper driving instructions. Now to my LO of which Andrew does not want me to post. This LO is copied from this months sketch from Basic Grey and of course done with the Granola papers. As I say quite often I love BG. And of course I had to use more Craft Queen ribbon and one of my new stamps.
I am very lucky to have this man, as well as doing the gardens he helps with all the cleaning and does the vacuuming the only things he doesn't do is iron and cook. There is a negative to this; that when you live with a neat freak you feel that you have to tidy up all of the time.
It's a beautiful day here and we are going to have a BBQ tonight so I had better go and make some salad.
Hope you all have a good week and thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rembrance Day

I have had this photo sitting on my desk since Caitlin and Joe got back from Canberra just waiting for Poppy day. I have used MM everything apart from my fav,Craft Queen ribbon. I love this photo that Caitlin took it really makes me stop and think of all the soldiers that fought for us. Andrew (my DH) told me that the Australian War Museum is one of the most visited tourist places in the world, Caitlin and Joe thought it was great so if you are ever in that part of the world pay it a visit. I am very happy with the way this LO turned out. Now more important matters.......Does anyone suffer from or more importantly know of a cure for night leg cramps. I have had these for years (yes even when I was that fit State swimmer and a hell of a lot skinnier) but the cramp I got last night 3 times (12.30am,2.10am and 5.00am)in different places was just as excruciating as any of my two labours and poor Andrew didn't know what to do-not that he could do anything. The pain hasn't left my leg today and I really don't want to go to bed tonight as I don't think that I can cope with another one let alone 3.

Now on to yummier topics, I made the fudge on the w/e the one I told you about from and boy was it easy and boy was it yum. I can only eat a tiny piece as I am a savoury person but the ladies at work have scoffed it down. So go and have a look. Tracey it was easy only 4 ingredients (he he if I had better be nice or you wont let me sit with you at the scrap session.)
Until next time and here's hoping I get a good nights sleep

I'mmmmm Baaaack

Wow if you ever need help with your computer go to Net Solutions on Russell Road Morley. They fixed my computer whilst I waited it took 10 minutes the part was $79.00 and labour was $10.00. You cant beat that.
Now here was my dilemma that Tracey knows all about. I have been dreaming of the making memories slice machine (I know most people dream about holidays and their husbands, But I am a bit strange-you already know that)you also know that I have to have everything that is out and current so here I am going into the MM site daily and reading up and watching the demos etc, then I thought what about my cricut as I already have 6 cartridges and alas I have decided to spend the $300.00 on more cartridges and tools for my cricut. So those of you who are getting a slice (I'm jealous) but happy with my decision. Now I have been reading up on the cricut and do you know that it can make acrylic stamps Ha Ha Ha I will be in my element, whenever the technology gets to Aus that is.
Well I have to go and pick up the kids but I have a LO to post this evening so I will be back blogging in a couple of hours.
xx Linda

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crash and Burn

Well hi there everyone my computer died last night and my son Joe has grudgingly let me use his laptop. I didn't think that I could post anything on someone else's PC but it has let me so there you go. Now posting a LO will be difficult as the printer/scanner is attached to my PC so don't expect any posts until my computer is fixed.
Luckily I backed up my 1400 photos onto disc yesterday (maybe that is what made it crash). I love that part of Adobe photoshop-when you download a certain no of photos it tells you to do a back up and then does it all for you.
So if my PC has died at least I still have all my photos.
Well that's all for now as Joe is having withdrawal symptoms from a lack of Runescape time on his laptop.

Friday, November 7, 2008

In the pink

Yippee it's the weekend! I love the weekends. I am writing this in pink b/c my last two LO's have been pink based. I am not really a pink person but you get that. Again I must apologise for the photo-maybe I should go on a photography course. I am just too eager to take the photo and put it on my blog, anyway just ignore the flash bit. I picked up my November Craft Queen ribbon club from TM's on Tuesday and as soon as I saw it I just new that I had to use this Heidi Swapp paper that was in my stash so then I had to find photos. I can always rely on Caitlin to have pics that I haven't seen as all the girls take their cameras everywhere.
Speaking of Caitlin, year 12 next year and we had to book and pay for the Limo for the school ball which is in March and today she came home from school and said that she had seen a few dresses on the web that she liked. OMG. My friends told me that if it comes in under $1000.00 you are lucky. I don't think we will be that lucky.
That's my lot for today so have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A little bit of BLING

Hello everyone I hope that you all had a lovely Melbourne Cup day and that you won some money in the sweeps. I won a whole $5.00.
Sorry about the quality of the LO today it's a bit blurry. I used the last of my BG Eva range, I only have scraps left now.I also used some Bella flowers that I was lucky enough to score from Vicki yesterday when I was in the shop spending all of my voucher. Thanks Vicki. I also used Making Memories glitter jigsaws just to add that bit of sparkle. And yes some hand stitching.
I don't know what hat Isabelle is wearing I think that it came from Joe's show bag, anyway it looks cute on her. Isabelle is our next door neighbour and Caitlin babysits her and her big sister Maddy. They just love Caitlin.
Our house is quiet again as Joe is away on yet another camp, boy has he had a good year.
Susan from ( recommended a blog to her fellow readers to take a peak at and it's called (take a look if you get a chance I thought it was great).
Thanks for stopping by

Monday, November 3, 2008

Flat Out

Well hello as per usual it has been a busy time and my blogging has been neglected although I have been reading everyone else's. Here is my double LO of Joe's trekking expedition and again they are in the wrong order. This is the second page. The first for me on this page is inking with bubble wrap I have never done that before. And here is the first page, I used Basic Grey Granola range. I have to say that BG is in my top 3 at the moment,just loving all their new papers. The first for me on this page is the ribbon tie-ing thing. I thought this was where you are meant to use your scraps.HUH it took so much ribbon that I had to go into my preshus Craft Queen stock. I like to keep them and look at them (a bit like the 300 or so fat quarters I have stashed away b/c they are too nice to use-but now they are kinda out of date).
Has everyone started christmas shopping yet or are you a late one like me. I have to do mine fairly late b/c if I buy my presents too early I cant hold on to them and I have to give them to that person straight away so then I have to go out and get them another prezzy so I haven't started yet.
A friend just gave me a voucher to TM's so guess what girls expect to c me soon b/c its burning a hole in my wallet.
Take care and have a good week.