Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Project life week 3

True to form on the Christmas holidays i have no trouble keeping up with Project Life and other crafty pursuits, here is week 3
Again i have used mainly downloads cut using the Silhouette, i never thought i would use those framey ones with the @ and ampersand symbol but i found them surprisingly simple to use.
Sticking to last weeks theme( of sticking things on top of the pages) and as i want this to be kind of an interactive album and really if I'm honest the cute envy was too big to fit in the pocket and i wanted to use it so i stuck it on the outside.(envelope is from Amy Tan)
 My thinking is that its far easier just to open that little flap than delve behind the photo and find the journaling.
When i stopped and looked at this weeks page i realised there is only one photo that includes people OK 2 if you count my feet, again there is plenty of photos of food but hey that is a part of our lives (oops I'm wrong, there is a photo of Simon in the collage  with the envelope so that's three)
Again i went to my tin of washi tapes and closed my eyes and picked one-this is my very scientific way of choosing colours-am going to try this on every week, just hope i don't pick the Christmas washi, and i had all of my Studio calico stamps next to me to use, another thing i aim to use every week. I also noticed that my go to colour over last year and this short one is red, if it looks a bit dull or is missing something then i always go back to red.

Can you see that circle cut out? The one that says 11.49. Mama Mia..... Andrew and i both slept in until this time last Saturday cant say we have ever done that before. Luckily we had a relaxing day planned which involved going to our local mall/shopping center and having an all day breakfast it was delish.

So I'm still quilting my table runner, for goodness sake it's only a table runner but it's taking me ages and Joe is waiting patiently eagerly for more pockets and another Block of the Month has arrived and i really want to get involved with Shimelles sketches and do some 12x12 layouts gee if i was a LIST making person i could write all of this in a list.

Goodnight all and thanks for stopping by.


dawn said...


aawww that little envelope is so cute, glad you worked it in there. I think it's fun to not always have people photos and FOOD is always a happy thing to have in here!!

really need to do some of these mini collages, will work on that very soon.

You are a brave woman to close your eyes and pick a tape, no way could I be that brave. Everything looks great though and happy colors!

Oh yea, you can make a list just like the rest of us. Hoping we can talk you into doing more lists and maybe even taking the 30 days of Lists in March. I bet it would be fun for you and think of all the journaling you will do, just like in JYC. THINK ABOUT IT !!!

This page inspired me that I can do this new style and not give up. THANK YOU!!

Scarlett said...

This is just wonderful!! I love being able to click on the photo here to see the spread larger. I love all the bits and pieces you used! :) The cut files are totally fun. Like I blabbed up on your Instagram, I've been inspired by you to surely go ahead and give this a good effort this year. I think I was totally intimidated by thinking I needed all these perfect photos of people and I don't know what I was thinking but I really like how you adapted this to suit you and now I've found some things I think will make it work for me too, plus your fab.u.lous inspiration and so its game on!! Weeks 1-3 will be a bit sparse - but that's okay I'll just blab a lot like I'm doing here - ack!!! Okay I'll stop now. Spectacular spread - totally glad I've 'met' you!! xoxo

Tracey said...

Loving your project life. All the bits and pieces on top look fab too, love how it interactive...looks like you are really enjoying the new machine. Great instagram pics ...that is where Tori is spending all her time she loves it. I haven't gone there yet, I'm afraid of getting hooked ( No time at the moment)! Its been fun stopping to have breakfast, you have made me hungry!!