Monday, January 14, 2013

Block of the month update

I love school holidays i can catch up on things that are a little behind like my monthly block of the month quilt

here is block 6 its called Town Square and was designed by Kate Spain, i pieced this at Susan's last week when the Three Of Us caught up for chat,morning tea, chat,lunch, chat and a wee bit of craft, oh and i forgot to say the numerous amount of list making that Susan and Tracey both love to do.
the next one seemed to take me ages to sew its called Moonlight Serenade and it's designed by Sandy Gervais
so that was block seven five more to go and guess what? I have already signed up for this years kit club. How could i refuse when the fabric we will be using is made by Fig Tree my all time favourite fabric designer.
and i really like this pattern, just may have to buy it and then wait for some pre cut honeycomb packs to reach Australia.

Enjoy your week
I'm going out to High Tea tomorrow


Tracey said...

great blocks and yes that pattern is very cute, but I must resist, I must.
love me :-)

Scarlett said...

These are wonderful!! I can't believe you quilt too - how awesome! I've wanted to start for a quite some time, but haven't.... no one around me quilts so I guess that is why. I've also picked up crochet...well trying to anyhoo, LOL. Love the idea of a monthly block, I'll have to see if there is something like this in the states and your links....oh wow!! Love the Thimble Blossoms Juggle Pattern and Fresh Figs fabric is lovely - totally didn't need to look, but alas I did. :) Have a great day!! xo

suzitee said...

Where did you decide to go for High Tea?
WOOOHOOO for being caught up again...I did mine this morning :) Not buying any more fabrics or patterns for a while...those lists are quite long enough LOL!